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  1. Since the last video of Over The Hills and Far Away with Plant singing it up high was well received, may I add this one of him going for those high notes once again in 1997:
  2. Plant was in fine form for most of the '77 tour.
  3. The whole idea of the fantasies was to fill the gaps in the live footage. The camera crew was rather baked at MSG.
  4. Can I please say one thing concerning the "uncirculating" part? It's complete BS. If a show was filmed, that does NOT mean the film was also saved, and even if it was, 40 years is a long time and it's perfectly possible for footage to get destroyed in such a period.
  5. Please use the search function on this forum or other Zeppelin sites, most of the questions in the last few pages of this thread have long been answered.
  6. I just bought a similar record. Same back cover and all but darker blue vinyl. The sound quality is fine by the way. I didn't know it was a "fake" but it's still nice to have, since coloured vinyl is always awesome.
  7. Steve Gorman was to me the best drummer to play with any of the guys after Bonzo died. He has more feeling and swing than Michael Lee or Jason. Jason was the best choice for the reunion though, because it is just so mythical and fitting to Zep to have the son of the old master pick up his fathers sticks.
  8. To be honest I don't even have 10 albums that came out in 2012. My favourite is Psychedelic Pill. I liked Locked Down as well. And El Camino, but that's from december 2011. Best live cd was of course Celebration Day. Best music I "discovered" in 2012 would be The Band and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Knew both for a long time but got into them this year. There you go.
  9. Kashmir was not tuned down. Jimmy's been using the Transperformance on Whole Lotta Love since at least 1999 on his tour with the Black Crowes. By the way, though I like the Danelectro there's no denying that the guitars he used to replace it at the O2 were both far superior.
  10. I had to chose between going to a Neil Young & Crazy Horse concert or going to Istanbul for a week. I think I'm chosing Neil.
  11. There are some who say the ARMS shows pretty much saved Jimmy. After Zeppelin ended he kinda locked himself up at Plumpton and was struggling with his addiction; then Clapton, Beck and friends took him out to play and he went out there again and started to deal with the addiction a bit better.
  12. The Indian couple during SIBLY from TSRTS is still the best shot of fans in any Zeppelin concert film.
  13. Biggest difference is the singing. Last time Jagger hit a high note was in 1969. Plant is expected to hit 'em, even today, because it's a big part of the music Zep played.
  14. He joined Major Major and Jahfin up there. God have mercy on his soul. Or actually he's probably in Ban-hel where he has to listen to Tempe 1977 all day long.
  15. Nice article. Nevermind? What about the White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, Black Crowes, Raconteurs, Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Wolfmother, and so many small local bands? Rock and Roll will never die, it's just not so much in the spotlights anymore. Sorry for derailing, again, great article!
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