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  1. Happy Birthday to one of the baddest men on bass!!!
  2. Aw! I'd give a whole lotta love right there.
  3. I can't blame them for wanting to keep the quality of their heyday alive. Take the Stones. I love them and their music. But, they do not need to tour anymore. Let it go.
  4. I loved the tributes to both Buddy Guy and Led Zeppelin (of course). You saw the Master and the students! I loved to see Jimmy rocking back and forth to both tributes, Jonesy studying musically, and Robert being introspective. It was all fascinating and well-deserved. As for the covers, I did not like the Foo Fighters or Kid Rock. They were very "meh" to me. Lenny K. rocked it out and the guys knew it. Heart was really good. I only liked it more once the choirs and Jason chimed in. Otherwise, to me, the performance would've only been o.k. I also liked seeing the President singing, "Who
  5. Double post. Sorry. I love that. You can definitely see the respect there. Amazing night!
  6. I just loved it. No words. It was respectfully done.
  7. Yes, the interview was awkward as all hell. Letterman really should've researched more; but, that's him. Whatever. I liked how they reacted (especially John) during the interview. I loved the English humor and phrasing that totally went over Letterman's head. Was it the proper venue? I don't think so. But, whatever. Letterman wanted to show that he was in good company with the honors and all.
  8. I can't wait. This event will be a great post-Christmas gift!!
  9. My favorite's Robert and I'm keeping those reasons to myself.
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