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  1. I recommend... The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show I can't believe they haven't been recommended yet.
  2. Ah... as for speaking chinese, I only know what I learned from my college foreign language classes, haha. I'm a bit... uh... white washed (one of the reasons my parents insisted I came back to China this summer, I was going to stay and do an internship...)
  3. Thats awesome, this is my third time in China (but the last time I went was 10 years ago), I like it too! Its so different from the states, yet even being chinese, I still stick out like a sore thumb here.
  4. Its Tiananmen, I'm on vacation in China right now
  5. Learn the major/minor pentatonic scales in all positions on the fret board and you can play 95% of Page's solos.
  6. If you want to know more about the recordings, send me a pm.
  7. Page broke his ring finger in 1975 right before the US tour started, and his playing suffered the first stretch of the tour, and they had to redo the set list to adjust (thus Dazed and Confused was replaced with How Many More Times and they added When the Levee Breaks as well). That being said, his playing in general was not as fluid as it was in 1973 (the Europe tour prior the US tour probably had some of Page's best playing imo) but near the end of the 1975 tour, it wasn't bad at all. Remember that the DVD only shows a few songs from the 5 night stand at Earl's Court. I'm particularly fond of the Earl's Court concerts, TSRTS, D+C, and Stairway to Heaven from May 24th are the best live versions I've personally heard. Over the Hills and Far Away also featured some great guitar work. As for whats actually on the DVD, the acoustic set is played fabulously imo, and Trampled Underfoot is as well. As for Stairway, I was actually really surprised when the DVD was released that Page chose the version from May 25th, the solo was cut short because Page broke his B-string mid solo, and the performance was a bit uninspired as well. The version from the previous night was far superior. I suggest you try and find a copy of "Evoluzione" and "When we Were Kings"/"Conquistador" (shouldn't be too hard, there are pretty common in trading communities) to really hear what the Earl's Court concerts were like. Remember, these were 3 hour long concerts, you can't just characterize them based on a few songs.
  8. Haha, I was in the Bahamas, those are my boating glasses!
  9. I agree 100%, which is why I'm surprised so many people take such offense to what I said.
  10. Yes he asked him because until then, EVERYONE had been playing Rain Song in a standard tuning resulting in many odd structures. Perry, like everyone else, was playing it wrong. It was the way I learned it initially until I saw the Guitar World tab. If you've ever played that arrangement, it sounds quite good, but is a hassle to play. Then the actual tab came out showing that its played in DGCGCD rather than EADGBE, making much of the song either open or bar chords (save for some picking parts). Realize that until that tab came out, NO ONE played it correctly. Because we could all play it incorrectly and have it sound the same. So Joe Perry couldn't figure out how to play it correctly so what? You CAN play Rain Song in standard tuning. It's slightly awkward, and thus, common sense tells you that it isn't correct. It has nothing to do with a trained ear. Its the same notes, with different fingerings. You can hardly hear the difference. Doesn't mean that the correct version isn't easy.
  11. Wow, you just don't get it. Page being a sloppy player has nothing to do with the respect he garners. I've already mentioned, that individually, Page is probably the single most exalted musician in popular music outside of maybe Lennon and McCartney. Page's creativity, versatility, all make him great, but his skill, and technique, and technical prowess playing the guitar itself, does not put him above anyone significant. He can't play like Vai, or like Malmsteen, or any modern virtuoso for that matter. But it shouldn't matter. I'm not trying to knock on Page or overly criticize him, especially because I judge him on a different level than those guys. They use their guitar to make music, Page uses his guitar to express music. Theres a huge difference. I don't understand the huge deal with this, no one (with ears and a brain) will argue with the claim that Steve Vai is a better player than Page. Yet, I'm pretty sure everyone understands why Page is always near the tops of these rankings. It doesn't matter if Page was "sloppy" or not. "Sloppy" just has to do with his technique, his skill, and his sound. Not with the music that he wrote. When it comes down to it, the music you play is what is important, how good you are at guitar is not. I don't understand why you all get so offended when people say Page is a competent, player but far from the best. It has nothing to do with his accomplishments, none of the Beatle's were exemplary at playing their instruments, but it doesn't matter because their music was so good. Page deserves every bit of credit he gets for who he is, a terrific musician. A great writer, producer, and a very competent guitar player. He is an exemplary acoustic player, and a good electric player. He is accomplished in every way a rock musician gets, and is a living legend. But that does not make him the greatest guitar player ever. (btw, there are no amazing stretches in the Rain Song, its played in an open tuning just to avoid any major stretches. The chords are complex, but easy to switch between in alternate tunings. Page gets props for that arrangement, its a wonderful piece, but is not harder than his electric stuff)
  12. I'm 20, and a member of the old boards since 2003.
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