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  1. Hm, it does look a little like a Hiwatt cab doesn't it... but no it's just your typical run of the mill Marshall cab. Where in North Cackalacky are you from?
  2. Yes, this does sound like the pickups are out of phase. The most obvious indicator is that the tone is going to be thin and nasal. I think the OOP thing is cool for playing around with, I'd pick up some Peter Green tunes, he used the OOP sound a lot. Page's les paul was not OOP, at least not during Zeppelin, he has a phase toggle in his les paul now though, but it allows him to go back and forth. Truth be told, it's not really THAT useful a sound. It's hard to match volumes and most of the time it just sounds thin, nasal, and obnoxious. If you want them back in phase again, then you can
  3. They don't really have any chord strumming sing along type of songs unfortunately. I mean, I guess Stairway to Heaven is kind of close to one? Maybe? There is some strumming in Over The Hills as well, but I mean, all the guitar parts come from Page, and basically all his electric stuff is riffing. His acoustic stuff is mostly finger picked stuff and if you don't like putting your guitar into alternate picking then it'll be a bit of trouble playing those.
  4. So I'm really new to the whole recording clips thing, but I did my first one ever tonight. Excuse the crappy playing and crappy quality. The camera I used wasn't the best and I'm quite a bit out of practice, ever since college started I've only been able to play on and off It's more of an amp demo than a document of my playing really. Regardless...! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrKOgX2rlpQ&fmt=18
  5. He used a fair amount of preamp distortion as well. A stock Marshall superlead doesn't have a master volume control, but I know Page's did and he had an extra preamp tube in there as well. Idk when he switched to KT-88s, but in 1972-73 at least, he had a fair amount of grit to his sound that certainly couldn't have come from KT-88s which seem to have quite a bit of headroom. There was a picture a while back of Jimmy's main superlead that he used with Led Zeppelin that shows the master volume and additional preamp tube.
  6. Nope no effects, just guitar -> amp. Though I may need to get either 1) an attenuator or 2) good OD unit soon, early Marshalls didn't have master volumes so really, getting any break up at any volume lower than 4 is a bit of a challenge. And that's while using high output pickups, and turning it up to 10 in the house really makes me wonder about losing my hearing. Though I may just end up installing a PPIMV or power scaling in that amp but right now I'm not quite ready to mess with the circuit just yet.
  7. Metropoulos JTM45 with a Marshall 1960 straight cab w/ basketweave grill.
  8. I've tried a most of the Page mods, the coil splitting just does exactly what you said, it effectively turns a humbucker into a single coil. I've done this on my guitars and never really liked it, truth be told, most humbuckers are not really made to sound good split. Your output decreases significantly and it just doesn't sound that great in general. The out of phase mod you're talking about is wiring the pickups so that they are electrically out of phase or in phase which you can switch between via push pull pots or switches. There is another way to do this that requires modding the picku
  9. I recommend... The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show I can't believe they haven't been recommended yet.
  10. No it's not. Idk how much in USD that is but I wouldn't pay more than $40 for a Crybaby wah. Those things are the worst tone suckers out there and don't sound that great. I'd rather save up the extra $100 for a Fulltone Clyde.
  11. huw, just out of curiosity, my les paul is actually wired 50s style, yet I'm still getting an annoying amount of treble loss when I turn down the volumes on my guitar, would replacing the caps help with this? the ones that are in there now are the stock ones that came on my gibson les paul studio that I bought about 7 years ago.
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