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  1. the ventilator tube is out and he is talking. Continued prayers are appreciated.
  2. his open heart surgery was a huge success! please keep them coming during his recovery and rehabilitation. thank you so much and I promise to keep you updated every step of the way.
  3. Thank you guys so much! Here's what's going on with my dad! I can't believe that i'm even saying this but He is going to have to have open heart surgery either today or tomorrow. *jessica cries* oh my gosh!!!
  4. hey everyone, so sorry that I haven't been here in a long while. my life is a little out of control right now! my dad had a small heart attack and is in the hospital but he is on the road to recovery and he will be okay! my dad, my family and I seriously need your prayers. thank you!
  5. I could look at him all day and not complain one bit.
  6. has anybody seen Jessica? tell her to meet me backstage so she can fluff my hair.
  7. he can be my cuddle buddy anytime. i'll happily let him sleep on my shoulder/chest.
  8. just got this off of facebook. I wonder what's he thinking in this picture
  9. you are an inspiration to me and everybody on this board
  10. Robert: yee-ouch! Jessica!!! Help me!!!
  11. thanks everybody for the birthday wishes!
  12. I got the perfect caption for this! Robert: how's my hair?
  13. *Jessica leaves a present at the door and rings the door bell and runs away*
  14. I've had those type of issues for quite a while now myself.
  15. thank you *happily takes a bow*
  16. I'd recommend this band if you love led zeppelin and whitesnake. their vocalist, miljenko "mike" matijevic is an amazing vocalist. He gives Robert plant and david coverdale a run for their money
  17. omg! that's crazy! happy early 30th birthday!
  18. I have a birthday coming up on the 24th! i'll be 25!
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