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  1. fenderbass

    Duck Dynasty

    Thank You! That was spot on. At least someone's paying attention.
  2. the celebration dvd says over 300 million records sold . that should be a good answer
  3. Sie je led Zeppelin Musik hören oder nur verwenden diese Webseite, um Ihre politischen Ansichten zu äußern? in english * do you ever listen to led zeppelin music or only use this webpage to express your political views?
  4. Diese Nachricht wird immer alte schnell !
  5. Kashmir.celebration day. rocks!!!!!! eye thank you
  6. Roger, Ihre Artikel und Zeitschriftposten sind immer gut, zu lesen. Machen Sie leben nahe an München? Ich bin in Belgien 1/3 des Jahres. Manchmal in Amerika.
  7. Richtige Punkte haben angeredet. sehr wahre Beobachtungen. good points and observation.
  8. type led zeppelin rumors on any search engine and you will find the loads of pages that are on this subject like a frenzy just like before the 02 was announced.
  9. Ich lebe ein einfaches Leben in einem ruhigen Platz und eine gute Menge der Zeit zu reisen. Ich bin zurück und vierte zwischen Europa und Amerika.
  10. mr. liverpool i have not been a member long but i think part of the game is to answer the question. that's two strikes against you. please save it for another chap if you are not willing to answer the question. since i've bee n loving you. the young ones or blackadder?
  11. are you supplying us a magnifying glass? Bolan electric. Warsteiner or Lowenbrau?
  12. well said. on the other hand some are way bigger than others remember that being humble is a virtue.
  13. Rüdiger, ich bewundere Ihre Sammlung. Teilen Sie weiterhin Ihre Artikel
  14. no comprende'? we can go through the list if you like, i know german too. moi isn't an answer so i hoped chinese would suit you better. nevermind
  15. 先生利物浦暗示,飞龙有点儿自我 先生利物浦暗示,飞龙有点儿自我 better?
  16. mr. liverpool are you hinting that strider has a bit of ego?
  17. the famous quote was from fight club.the same movie you cleverly threw in to the mix. come on keep it going. i wanna see a full rubbery one.
  18. i'd say you made quite a mistake selling any of your vinly bootlegs. what were you thinking? anything of that nature should be valued and cherished never taken for granted.
  19. that's not a bad idea. i think that could go over very well and he doesn't need a band to do this. he's just as good of an acoustic player as an electric.
  20. robert has never changed. he's always lived life simple. just look at his beginning featured piece in TSRTS. he was living in the country. he never let it get to his head. a humble guy.
  21. rhcp wants to jam with jimmy page and so does everybody else, so good luck with that anthony keidis and co.
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