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  1. the celebration dvd says over 300 million records sold . that should be a good answer
  2. Kashmir.celebration day. rocks!!!!!! eye thank you
  3. mr. liverpool i have not been a member long but i think part of the game is to answer the question. that's two strikes against you. please save it for another chap if you are not willing to answer the question. since i've bee n loving you. the young ones or blackadder?
  4. are you supplying us a magnifying glass? Bolan electric. Warsteiner or Lowenbrau?
  5. so glad you found this one. they worked well together.
  6. i love the beatles. i listen to them as much as lz. my parents always had the beatles playing in the car when i was a kid and those are some of my best memories growing up. my parents had a big album stereo player that was a giant peice of furntiture that opened up from the top to access the turntable. i remember listening to sgt. pepper over and over again when we would take road trips. those things leave an imprint in my mind. i think the reason for their success is due to the type of songs they wrote because so many people from every culture enjoys their music in some way. the are what i like to call the most people friendly band. i also love lz equally for some of the same reasons and indifferences to the beatles. i love them both and it's fun to just get lost in their music. could you imagine if the beatles and lz had toured together? talk about mind-altering. lz was just as influential in the 70's as the beatles were in the 60's and both bands music will stand the test of time because it's just simply great. i can't imagine a world without having the freedom to listen to them whenever i feel the need.
  7. i saw the firm on the mean business tour in 1986 it was my first concert. to this day it was one of the best concerts i 've attended. jimmy page was like a chameleon with the firm. he played the most otherworldly solo's you could imagine. i think he was very influenced by eddie van halen and those sort of players and actually recognized that style as an influencial form and approach. he used alot of whammy bar and effects that would have him rival the best of that era. they had many fine guitar players in the 80's. some of the best technically speaking. i read a quote from robert plant that said he went to a firm show and started literally crying because he had never seen him play like that before and also never saw him from that view of the stage-always being on the stage with him. jp is a true master.
  8. So a' snookle ookie padooka wookie, in da big ole' padoo-ka-nookie - suckyalate the banooka foogie - all night long. Den da banooka nookie and da sha-nigga-riggaz- de-menceacrated the panooba nubies fa makin dem suck a dinkle-winkle, only for the hippa-rillaz to conscroobalate da woolawoobies... Ya see, ..huh,.... no wonder dem suckendickle doobies gots a bigger shrinky-dink. Only ta penetrate da suckendipulous of the hairy hucken-suck'ems.... Low and behold out of da remnants of St. McGilla'cutty's came a bear chested wolla bully wit his suckendickle hanging lower den low as if a giant cockadoddle gots a hold of it and cramed it inside a hairy huckem suckem's palladapuss.... I think he woulda prefered the suckendipulous...But who's to say he ain't tried. Maybe suckendipulous poppin ain't his thing? Better watch out fa dem sha-nigga-riggaz, cause dey dangerous as a blue gummed hipparilla on poondookum pills... Juss as dat padooka wookie, wit his big ole' dinkle winkle wuz about to splooge, a faint sound from da earth mubbled below,"damn lil' BEH-lil' butterfly and sssit-fly away nah nah nah". And so he did. Paddoka wookies is know fa dem dexterious perpendickulous , and so he held it in til dem two swollen balloon-a-foogies wuz about to burst. Turn blue they did and nearly black before a hairy huckem suckem's came to da rescue and relieved da padooka wookie of all his glory.- gotta love dem dirty Huckem Suckem's!
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