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  1. I have a chicken pox scar at the side at the bridge of my nose and I used to collect dragon ornaments
  2. After a week of sheer hell, I need more pics..keep them coming
  3. Talking of comics... Loved this as a wee girl, hence my username!
  4. I love beaches Hate Winter When A Child Is Born by Johnny Mathis was playing on the hospital ward when I was born Love cats I find sims social on facebook annoyingly addictive Oh and I'm a wannabe criminal historian
  5. the fact that where I'm from tends to be the most bigotted county in UK
  6. It can be toasted but normally i would cut the banana into small slices, spread them onto the bread, slightly mash them them sprinkle a little bit of sugar, it won't go soggy. My mum used to eat these by the bucketload when she was pregnant with me, ulltimate comfort food. I think its good for kids who tend to be fussy eaters.
  7. Love bananas, espcially in a sandwich with a slight sprinkle of sugar, trust me it's yummy
  8. Some things about me My name is Tanya I work as a picture framer I do a bit of photography (whenever I can) Proud to be a natural redhead A slight obsession with Cherry Coke Hates mice and polysterine MASSIVE fan of The Tudors Saw Robert Plant play in Belfast, Nov. 2010....amazing!! Developed RA 3 years ago Collects nail varnish (about 50 bottles in my last count) Also likes Blondie, David Bowie, Queen and GNR's Once met Prince Edward while being presented with the Duke of Edinburghs award I'll add more on later
  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
  10. The_Minxter


    peoples ugly, smelly, un-cut toenails ugggghh!!! plus mice and polystyrene When we had an extenstion done to the kitchen a few years ago we had 8 mice in the house! one after another, 2 of the wee horrors even got into my bedroom and lets just say I never slept for weeks listening out for every noise, not to mention the fortune on traps I bought.
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