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  1. I don't think the type of strings you use are going to make a difference in how well you play the song. Plus I don't think Earthwoods were manufactured until 1972.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese did this exact same thing with Shine A Light a couple years back. I do agree that it should be released as a film to be shown in theaters. That would be pretty cool. But I can also understand what an emotional toll that performance must have taken on the band, then add on to that having to go back through it all and watch/edit/prepare it for release. I wouldn't want to have to go through that myself.
  3. I can't agree with Conor Oberst or Devendra Banhart. Their voices are an important characteristic of their music. They're part of an artistic whole, not just thrown in to add a human voice to organized sound. I personally love their voices.
  4. Not sure if they've been mentioned, but bands everyone should get into: Radiohead The Warlocks Dead Weather The Telescopes Wolf Parade Swan Lake Sunset Rubdown The Black Keys The Black Lips Grizzly Bear Sparklehorse Songs: Ohia Spiritualized And then there's a ton of others I can't quite remember at the moment. Those are all top bands in my book though.
  5. I'm as big a Dylan fan as any but I didn't like Together Through Life. I only gave it one listen and it sounded so contrived and poorly thought out. This duo will probably turn out to be a giant waste of everyone's time. But it could also be quite good. The Fireman release was brilliant, though. I truly enjoyed that.
  6. I don't know if this is a mystery or not, but I was reading this thread earlier and I've enjoyed it thus far... My mystery may not be one at all, but I was just wondering.. Steve (or anyone, really): Do you know when/how the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary reunion came about? Were they asked to do a set or had they been rehearsing beforehand? How long had they rehearsed before the show? When did they choose Jason? Was he 1st pick? How did they all feel about the performance? Personally I hold this set high on my list of live recordings solely because it was my introduction to Led Zeppelin live. I found a tape in my dad's collection labeled "ATL REC 40th Anniv - Led Zep Reunion." I had just recently gotten into them, so I played the tape and really enjoyed it... I still think the performance is awesome and better than Live Aid for sure... I remember hearing Plant's band introductions the first time and thinking, "who the hell is 'Jason Barnum' and why did he replace John Bonham?" that was during my ignorant times of course... Any details on the conception/discussion of this particular reunion would be very cool to see/read and I give thanks in advance for any and all answers provided...
  7. I wouldn't buy them, that's for sure... I've already spent enough on all the studio albums on CD, some on vinyl and all the DVDs they've released (and still waiting for TSRTS collector's edition DVD set I paid for that hasn't come in yet...?) so I don't really think I need to give Led Zeppelin, Inc. any more of my money, that's for sure. Besides... if you really there's a huge difference between SACD and standard CD *sonically*, you must be tweaking. If you listen to either with a decent stereo and speaker set-up, they'll sound pretty much identical, but the SACD might be louder... But then again, I've only heard Dylan SACDs and they sound pretty much the same as the standard CDs... Anyway, I think they should re-release the whole collection on vinyl at the original prices as they were from 1968 to 1979, but with the advanced vinyl technology (is there such a thing?)... I'd buy at least five of each (except Presence and Coda, of course), and six ITTODs, that's for sure... Dreams never really do come true, do they?
  8. Wrong. The common man should have nothing to do with making music. That's the problem with music today. Everyone thinks they can do it. This is false. Yes. Yes. That is the definition of plagiarism: taking credit for something written by someone else. Nope. It's still the same. If you try to take credit for someone else's work you're breaking a law. There are only a few lyrical changes, but the words are about 98% the same... And they're still Dylan's property. And if Hendrix had taken credit for it I'm sure Dylan would have sued as fast as he could've. Especially considering how big the song got.
  9. Maybe #2 had a curved bridge put in for use with the bow, but that's only what I've heard... I can't be too sure about it though...
  10. Great thread. No order, of course... Like 'em all equally... Blind Reverend Johnson Elmore James Muddy Waters Robert Johnson Howlin' Wolf
  11. They started out as a cover band... Look at their first album: - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" originally by Anne Bredon - "You Shook Me" was originally a Willie Dixon song - "Dazed and Confused" was originally by Jake Holmes ("I'm Confused"), but arranged by Page and the drummer of the Yardbirds, including some lyric changes - "Black Mountain Side" is a traditional piece (?) but was played by Anne Briggs, who also taught it to Bert Jansch, called "Black Waterside" - "Communication Breakdown" is considered similar to Eddie Cochran's "Nervous Breakdown" - "I Can't Quit You Baby" was also originally a Willie Dixon tune... - "How Many More Times" has elements of various blues songs but is mostly similar to Howlin' Wolf's "How Many More Years"... Second album has a few "covers" as well: - "Whole Lotta Love" is pretty much Muddy Waters' "You Need Love" (also by Willie Dixon) but with slightly different lyrics... - "The Lemon Song" takes a lot from Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" - The beginning of "Bring It On Home" is identical to Sonny Boy Williamson's "Bring It On Home," (written by Dixon) although as soon as that main riff kicks in it's a Page/Plant original... On the third album, "Gallows Pole" is a traditional song "Gallis Pole", but arranged by Page... And Hat's Off has pieces of "Shake 'em on Down" by Bukka White and "Lone Wolf Blues" by Oscar Woods... On the fourth album, "When The Levee Breaks" was originally a Memphis Minnie song... On Physical Graffiti, "In My Time of Dying" was previously recorded by Bob Dylan and originally by Blind Willie Johnson. "Boogie With Stu" is very similar to Ritchie Valenz's "Ooh! My Head" But I think the bulk of their released material is original and pretty damned good, anyway... But of course, Stern was just poking fun anyway... But there is some truth to what he's proposing...
  12. I didn't say EVERYONE should stay in their own genre... I said Snoop should... His "covers" (samples, really), in my opinion, suck big time. And FWIW, I've liked the Gourds' cover of Gin n' Juice since I heard. Funny stuff.
  13. Death Don't Have No Mercy - Grateful Dead (from their DeadLive album)... Good stuff
  14. Yeah, that wasn't too bad actually... Well, all of Puffy's lyrics sucked, but Page's was great. It had a great feel to it... Take Puffy out and it was a great song... As for Snoop doing Cash... He needs to stay in his own genre... He already destroyed the Doors' Riders on the Storm...
  15. I like the idea, but it should be a box set with every studio piece Page is hiding... But if he doesn't have anything other than what we know, I say add "Pat's Delight" to that list and it's golden.
  16. I'm sick of people knocking this show... It really wasn't that... This was actually the first live recording of Zeppelin I heard a long time ago... Found a tape in my dad's collection labeled "Led Zep reunion" and I've loved it since then... Sure, it's not Led Zep '73 or even '75, but it's still a decent performance... Definitely better than some other performances that same night...
  17. I had a funny dream last night (this is really true)... For some reason Led Zeppelin was playing at a mall that I imagine must have been in my town. I missed most of their set because I didn't know they were playing, but I found the stage right as they started playing Whole Lotta Love... Anyway, I'm rockin' out to the song and right in the middle of it I turn around and everyone else simply walked away, all together... It was weird... It was like a second rate band that no one wanted to see... Anyway, I got to talk to Jones a bit, after they stopped playing and I was the only one left... He was a really nice guy, even for a dream... Anyway, keep dreaming folks... I'm pretty sure we'll never see a tour from these guys... It's too much of a strain for them, on their lives, their health and their happiness.. TOURING IS NOT A FUN JOB I have a better question: Would you rather selfishly get to see them tour or let them live happily and comfortably? I'm also pretty sure we'll see some more "one-off" concerts on special dates and occasions for the band... But few and far between, I hope...
  18. A little bit off the main subject, but I like this quote from Jimmy Page's interview with Steven Rosen in '77 (from ultimate-guitar.com): (when asked about mistakes in "I Can't Quit You Baby" from the first album, he goes on to say...) "It's like the film track album [The Song Remains the Same]; there's no editing really on that. It wasn't the best concert, playing-wise, at all, but it was the only one with celluloid footage, so there it was. It was all right; it was just one "as-it-is" performance. It wasn't one of those real magic nights, but then again it wasn't a terrible night. So, for all its mistakes and everything else, it's a very honest filmtrack. Rather than just trailing around through a tour with a recording mobile truck waiting for the magic night, it was just, "There you are - take it or leave it." I've got a lot of live recorded stuff going back to '69." Just thought that was interesting... And funny.
  19. This probably belongs in the newbie forum, or there might actually already be a topic on it, not sure... Page uses the same basic chord progression as Taurus on the first eight measures of Stairway to Heaven. The only difference in the progression is that he throws in a G before Am in the last measure, whereas Randy California plays only Am... The only difference in the chords they both play is that Page adds a harmony note for each one on the bottom E string, while Randy used on the D, G, and B strings... And then of course Stairway evolves into something much more than Taurus did, but that should be obvious... Of course people will say he "stole it," but that goes along with Zeppelin's history of paraphrasing their musical influences... I think Page must've heard Spirit's album while they were touring together (the song was released in '68 and I think they had some shows together, not positive though) and liked the sound of it and just went on from there... By the way, I think "Taurus" should be in quotes, not Ford... "Taurus" is the song...
  20. Good eye. I didn't even catch that and I quoted it... I thought it said Plant... He's the only 59-year-old in the band that I know of...
  21. I agree. It would've been incredible to have been there and witness this. The audience recordings couldn't possibly portray the atmosphere. But there's definitely a lot missing that was there 30 years ago. Energy, passion, youth, etc.. What I've always liked about Led Zeppelin is what they could do on a stage with two to three hours and only four instruments. There's no way I could ever expect them to even get close to 1980 status again. Personally, I wouldn't be too upset if they didn't tour. I'm not saying I wouldn't see them if they did (I've been crossing my fingers for five years), but I wouldn't be too disappointed if they didn't. They don't even need to tour in my eyes... I think it's well know they've already proved their magnitude and greatness... All I want out of the band now is for Page to release some more shows from the vault
  22. I think that quote is more relevant... That's pretty much why he doesn't want to tour...
  23. I have to agree with both of those. Great albums I can listen to all the way through any day. Especially Californication... One of my favorites.
  24. This is really cool. Thanks for sharing it!
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