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  1. ^Landover 1977. Not sure exactly which gig.
  2. In what way was he making honest contributions? It was him who started this debate. IIRC I was talking about the Earls Court footage which had nothing to do with this entire thing.
  3. Isn't that from the Fillmore West concert?
  4. Get back on thread? I've never digressed. You're not explaining anything, you're just going in circles over "everything that Page has done needs to be respected". I was going to elaborate but you seem to be absolutely the worst kind of a fanboy because you seemingly think your favorite musicians and bands are not subject to criticism. Now go and troll elsewhere, fool.
  5. You didn't seem like you were agreeing with me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have started this pointless debate in which you are arguing against the person who's agreeing with you. You're just oxymoronic. And sorry for not having empathy for people like Kevin Shirley.
  6. Are you insane? First, you don't even know what trolling means. Second, calling someone a troll and then saying "no offense intended" makes you look stupid. Third, "Jimmy wants XYZ" is not an argument. Forget about the editing for a second. What about mastering? Does Jimmy prefer a flattened drum sound? No. Personally, I think it's Kevin Shirley who's the main culprit. Fourth, I know enough about Jimmy's production skills in the studio and I think he's one of the best producers. Doesn't automatically mean Zep's live albums are good.
  7. I disagree with this entire approach. After all this discussion you construed that I don't like bootlegs? I love bootlegs and I hate Jimmy's production on these particular releases. I can't see how anyone who knows at least anything about audio engineering can like what was done with these terrific concerts. You still haven't provided any arguments as to why editing and bad mastering and the "Kevin Shirley thing" are excusable. Honestly, you're coming off as a fanboy.
  8. I've been saying for a long time that TSRTS needs to be done from scratch. It has a huge potential to become much better than it already is. The older version is better than the newer one but it's way too short and the mixing isn't good at all.
  9. What does "bitching about" mean? Yeah I don't like the production of TSRTS and I don't think I'm alone here. Only an outright fanboy would defend Jimmy when it comes to things like this. Engineering on HTWWW is just horrific and I know what I'm talking about. Bonham's flattened drum sound speaks for itself.
  10. Okay, I disagree with everything you're saying but we'll have to agree to disagree here.
  11. I know all of that stuff. What you're failing to grasp is that none of Zep's live releases have been acclaimed by audiophiles or anyone. In fact, I've seen many people criticize most of Zep's live releases for different things, myself included. So yeah, I don't think Jimmy is a good "live album producer" because I've seen much better live albums than TSRTS. Even HTWWW has many edits - this is just inexcusable. Re: "I have yet to hear many bootlegs that are better sound quality than an official release in my opinion" - how can a soundboard tape sound better than a professionally mixed multitracked audio? We're talking about editing here. Unedited shows are always better than edited ones.
  12. What production skills are required when you already have the recorded material? It's all about mixing and mastering. Do you know why bootlegs sound better than official releases?
  13. My point is that if Deep Purple can "risk" releasing a live album that consists of three consecutive concerts, so can Zep. There's absolutely no question that any Zep product will be at least a slight commercial success. Jimmy is an excellent studio producer, but releasing a live album does not need production skills at all. There are only two steps - mixing and mastering. The less edits/overdubs there are, the better the overall product is. I don't understand how you can look at this in a different way.
  14. Deep Purple's Live in Japan was recorded on three consecutive days and the band released all three concerts without any editing or overdubbing.
  15. I see many reasons why he wouldn't want to release the entire concert. Why didn't he release all three MSG concerts?
  16. I think it's the box sets this time. Didn't we have a report a couple weeks ago that the mixing process was in the final stages? Who knows... The album is coming. Trust me.
  17. I don't like that approach at all. For example, what was the need for overdubbing for TSRTS in 2007? The performances were top-notch.
  18. There was only one feed coming from Jimmy's cabinet. I don't understand why Jimmy wanted to include TYG from Knebworth but not something like Kashmir from Earls Court or other better performances.
  19. Dick Carruthers or Kevin Shirley has said that only three of the gigs were multitracked, and there were problems with the bass drum on the 23rd, as you pointed out. I've never heard anything regarding the footage from the other nights (17-18-23). There's nothing wrong with the audio of the bootleg.
  20. Yes. He had a similar Martin D-28 which he auctioned before It Might Get Loud was filmed. The Martin D-28 used in It Might Get Loud is the one that was auctioned a while ago. http://led-zeppelin.org/studio-and-live-gear/1049 http://led-zeppelin.org/studio-and-live-gear/1048
  21. Well, if he finally decides to record an album, then I think he'll record Domino. Some great licks in that instrumental.
  22. That's a good theory. Now it's time for him to enter the studio and start recording an album. Who else wants a studio version of Domino/Embryo No.2?
  23. woz70, do you know whether all five concerts were recorded? I've seen photos from all five nights and cameras were there at all five of them, but I'm not sure if all of them were recorded to a tape.
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