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  1. You do realise that this Marilyn Cole is NOT the one who married Richard?
  2. I'm the same, I've always found the '72 Japan shows to be uninspiring...to me, the US 72 tour marked the last stage of my favorite Zeppelin period. The US 72 tour was, for me, the last time the whole band was on fire; sure, after that you had some amazing individual performances but I can't think of a single show post US 72 that I'd take over their earlier live shows. Page and Bonham were great in Europe 73 but Plant's voice from late 72 onwards always let them down in my eyes. I'm not one to wax lyrical over Earls Court for example, as I find Robert's vocals to be too hit and miss (and Page too sloppy) for me to be able to really enjoy the shows.
  3. Zeppelin used to be far and away my favourite band, but over the last few years, I've had a bit of a seven year itch thing going on with them, and find myself not listening to them as much. Very strange.
  4. This is a great pic, haven't seen many TSRTS dream sequence candid shots..where did you find this? Thanks.
  5. swann

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I remember seeing a picture of Peter Grant in those shoes too..must have bought a job lot, as I can't imagine Peter fitting into Jimmy's shoes!
  6. swann

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    The top pic here of Jimmy reminds me of Holman Hunt's portrait of Rossetti, particularly the expression in the eyes. And the young Rossetti had more than a touch of Pagey about him:
  7. Agreed, he played great with Santana..Santana 3 and Caravanserai are amazing albums..I like the first Journey album too. He had a lot of fire and melody in his playing
  8. Good pic...Where did you find this? It's from a shoot that was done on Robert's farm in Wales..I've seen a few, are there any others?
  9. I'm new to the Forum, (and forums generally) I collect antiques and books. I live in a village in England. Passions are: art, music, reading, walking in the countryside, guitar playing, Earl Grey Tea, antique hunting I have never smoked, done drugs, and I don't drink. Vegetarian too. (Contrary the above, Life isn't dull!) Oh, and to the banana sandwich brigade, try a little cinnamon sprinkled on the top!
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