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  1. Would you kindly check out my recent cover? Thanks guys!
  2. I totally understand. I am not a "Quebecois", I do not support any of it. I live in the province of Quebec, yes, but sooner or later I will move away from here.
  3. Since Ive been loving you - TSRTS soundtrack One of my favorites
  4. Honestly, that would be difficult.. Seeing how all their albums are so significantly different in my opinion, each with great tunes, I would have a lot of trouble trying to create a list
  5. I am a session player at the moment and play bass for a band called Dollhouse Riot! https://www.facebook.com/xTasha.Reidx Please give my page a like for me??
  6. That's basically how Ive always seen it to be honest. Well said.
  7. That's probably the one song I cant seem to enjoy. I know its a traditional number, but I'm not feeling it... maybe in some time.
  8. Shaking allllll over after watchin' this. Zeppelin has that effect on me, so beyond excited to see this!
  9. Ah love, the power of Jimmy Page, it hits me everyday.
  10. Hey hey, no need to keep em to yourself! I have quite a list I could share for Robert as well.. Who can blame ya?
  11. I’m really trying hard to not get my hopes up because the men of Zeppelin have been famous for teasing their fans with big news and then kind of not delivering so we’ll see what happens! I can’t fucking wait!
  12. This is my favorite album. I feel as though many songs are underrated on it as well. My favorites being In the light, the rover, ten years gone, In my time of dying and custard pie...oh what an innuendo that tune is. I personally just admire the feeling and depth of this album. Its different in its own way from the others. Even something about Page's playing is so powerful if I can say. Just a masterpiece.
  13. Guitar, bass, mandolin, drums(self taught) piano by ear!
  14. Good times bad times, or in the evening!
  15. Im going to get the symbols on me soon enough! Been too long that I've wanted it!
  16. I generally like to think I love all the Zep songs, yet I personally can't seem to enjoy Hats off to Roy(Harper)
  17. Oh hell Im sure I missed a ton on that list, however those were just the outstanding mentions off the top of my head!
  18. Most of the guitar parts from The Rover are always in my head, and pretty much When the Levee Breaks.... that entire song, all the time.
  19. Thank you! Seriously that is something I truly fantasize about on a daily basis!
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