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  1. People... aha. yeah people know how to cause trouble that's all I can say
  2. Jack White Blunderbuss album... simply a masterpiece, he's incredible
  3. TashaZoso16

    Young Jimmy

    I really could say that I love Jimmy at any age.
  4. Id love just a poster of that, such a lovely image..despite its meaning
  5. Definite similarities, I am both a huge Rory and Jimmy fan equally.. Both have different strong points in my opinion
  6. As said in prior posts..Welcome!
  7. http://www.youtube.c...v=lzM8i3mXNbQ#! The drums, his flow, what he says...Perfection
  8. What an extraordinary cake! Oh my! I love that! Happy Birthday as well!
  9. Seems beyond unlikely, however I understand why Robert would be opposed to it in the first place. Though any form of reunion would be insane, something I definitely wouldnt mind seeing (:
  10. Oh definitely! One hell of a bluesman!
  11. Tres cool! Very nice design indeed!
  12. Im pretty sure those were intentional and not a mistake.. I rarely hear that when watching and hearing live's.
  13. Such a quality post right there. I couldn't agree more!
  14. Definitely 1970's no question in mind. The 80's didnt do that good a job on him:P
  15. I know I was so excited when I first saw it but Robert was really losing it with his voice. I love him but that wasn’t the best performance. Aww man.
  16. I wish Led Zeppelin would have played Custard Pie live because I would really be interested in seeing Robert’s mannerisms throughout the song… its all such a clever innuendo
  17. I would go with Nirvana, The red hot chili peppers, the smashing pumpkins, Alice in chains,radiohead,
  18. The ocean has a really simple intro for guitar!
  19. I play guitar,bass,mandolin,bit o' drums and some piano by ear
  20. Cant deny that was beautiful! Ive seen one too many covers that more or less destroyed this song:P So great job!
  21. Well, that's without a doubt a collection I'd love to peruse..
  22. Oh but it really is a phenomenal documentary! A documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three significant rock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.
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