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  1. Two of my favorites as well. I should stop visiting this forum, my wallet seems to get lighter each time I do. Another show I'm tempted to see. Thanks a lot! ;-)
  2. Hear Hear Spartan! To each his/her own, but Strider's posts and the set list have me re-thinking my decision to skip the Stones when they come to my area...also I really want to see Mick Taylor, by the time I was able to see the Stones, he had left. If I decide to go, option #2 it will be. Thanks for posting the excellent review and set list.
  3. Me either :-( I don't mind it either, to me, it's just a part of the sport. That said, I love to watch the skating. The power, speed, edgework, turns, seamless change of direction, etc..
  4. A song that is often a punch line and overplayed, but still a great song for me. Lynyrd Skynyrd "Free Bird" at Knebworth 1976. I love looking at 1970s live music videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKZfRAuY-M4
  5. Horrible. Don't need to say much more than that about the RSox right now.
  6. I won't attempt any sort of analysis as others have already done so (some wonderfully). "Goodfellas" gets my vote without a moment's hesitation. Yes, and no doubt many people over 40 as well! I thought it worked very well.
  7. jb126


    Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and grandmothers of the Zeppelin forums and everywhere. I know some countries celebrate mothers day on a different day of the year, but any day is a good day to say thanks.
  8. Hi Scarlet, I did quite a bit of looking for this exact thing a while back but was unsuccessful. I ended up with a red one and a black one with the symbols, but with the "Led Zeppelin" logo above. If you find a woman's t-shirt with just the symbos, please post. Thanks!
  9. Jumping in..my tickets came today too! Not anywhere near as good as Deborah J's, but I don't mind!
  10. I'm going! Purchased tickets over the weekend.
  11. Admittedly, it's been many years since I've read "The Godfather", but if memory serves, there is no single event that contributes to Fredo's makeup. As with "real life" families, siblings have different personalites. He's one of the kids sandwiched in the middle. (That could a topic for another thread I suppose).
  12. Cookie0024 - Thanks for all of the great info and photos in this and the many other threads you post to.
  13. I think I'll try for one of the New England shows. Lots of concert choices this summer!
  14. With nearly a month into the new season, some of my predictions are looking horrible, particularly in the AL. But as we all know, one or two weeks can change standings in baseball, never mind a few months. That said, I am quite happy that my favorite team is off to a great start. I went to two Red Sox vs. Astros games this week. Man are the Astros bad. They don't have much going for them at all. The unbalanced payroll structure in MLB is really a shame, I wish it could change. Yesterday I saw John Lackey pitch for the first time in over a year. I was shocked at how much he has slimmed down, it is not as apparent on television.
  15. Not close for me. "The Godfather". Obviously, the subject movie genres are different, but it's been enjoyable reading the responses.
  16. Movies I've seen on DVD recently, haven't been to a theater since seeing "Argo" a few weeks back. Here they are in (my personal) first to last: "Searching for Sugarman" - very good documentary. There's a rather lengthy discussion about it in the "Other Bands/Music" section in this forum. "A Royal Affair" - Not really anything I haven't seen before. But I'll watch just about any period movie with excellent acting, scenery and costuming. "Catfish" - Documentary? Scripted? Nevertheless, it is entertaining, and makes one think twice about the people you meet online. As the saying goes, truth can be stranger than fiction (Manti Te'o).
  17. Thanks Strider! I would not have known about this, but now I've a plan to visit a Newbury Comics tomorrow afternoon.
  18. jb126

    Supermodel Jimmy

    I was sure another site member would notice this :-) I wasn't annoyed - I'd say I was amused.
  19. I don't have MLB network, are they flexible as to what games they show? The Sunday night ESPN games are pretty much set in stone I believe. The Mets are doing better than expected, yes paul c?
  20. American League: East: Blue Jays Central: Tigers West: Angels Wild Card: Rays, Royals Pennant: Angels National League: East: Nationals Central: Cardinals West: Dodgers Wild Card: Reds, Giants Pennant: Nationals World Series: Angels
  21. Sure. I'll try to remember to do this by Monday, I need to think on it some. It's almost here! Going to a game at Fenway in April (so far, I'll probably add more later). I look forward to the feeling I get when coming up the ramp behind home plate and seeing the Green Monster looming in the outfield, hearing balls clang off the manual scoreboard, hearing "Play Ball!" and even sitting in the cramped seats. Good luck to all of the forum's baseball fans, let's hope for a good season.
  22. "Why don't you just tell me the movie you want to see?" Great episode. Back on topic. Another movie I watched again yesterday while doing some housework is "The Usual Suspects".
  23. Another thing to like about this forum. In addition to discussing Led Zeppelin and other music, I enjoy the movie recommendations and reminders (like fishhead's post) about movies I've missed. Saw "Argo" on the weekend. Thumbs up from me.
  24. Tuna salad (very light on the mayo) in a wheat wrap with chili lime hot sauce. Two thin mints Girl Scout cookies. A large glass of ice water spiked with pink lemonade.
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