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  1. try this app for your phone....it's the balls.....


    we had fun watching mars and jupiter lately.......you just stand there with your phone and the app shows all the constellations/ stars/ planets in the sky both day and night from your location......stargazing has never been easier

    and it's free


    Thank you for the tip. I just purchased my first iphone a few weeks ago and this app sounds like one I'd like to have a look at.

  2. Week One

    (Post predictions by 8:30 eastern, 7:30 central time, Wednesday, Sep 5th)

    Cowboys at Giants

    Colts at Bears

    Falcons at Chiefs

    Eagles at Browns

    Redskins at Saints

    Rams at Lions

    Patriots at Titans

    Jaguars at Vikings

    Bills at Jets

    Dolphins at Texans

    Seahawks at Cardinals

    49ers at Packers

    Panthers at Buccaneers

    Steelers at Broncos

    Bengals at Ravens

    Chargers at Raiders

















  3. Hi jb126! I'm not sure I can name a favorite, but I will say that of the old parks, Fenway is the pinnacle. There's nothing quite like it, not even Wrigley, which is a close second. My favorite new park is PNC in Pittsburgh, hands down! It's amazing what they did with that place. It's small and cozy, reasonably priced (which is nice) and the skyline of Pittsbugh is soooo interesting to look at. Who knew :)

    I have been to Toronto. I enjoyed Skydome more than I thought I would. The roof was open during the first game, and during the second game, it opened mid-game. That was really interesting to watch. I really like Toronto. It's a lovely city and there are some wonderful restaurants there.

    I think it would be interesting someday to hear how baseball brought you to this forum, it you'd care to share. And as far as going to all the parks, I've been doing this since the early 80's. I try to take one vacation a year to a new park, even it's just over a weekend. It makes for a fun trip. Don't give up on it...it can be a lifetime pursuit!

    Wrigley is probably first on my list of "must get to" major league parks. An activity I've been involved in for 25+ years that uses up a lot of my vacation time and dollars is winding down for me. Soon I'll have more time and money to take real vacations. I've only been to Skydome, Camden (very nice), Texas (Arlington), the Stadium (old one) and of course Fenway. I'd spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on the RSox, particularly in the last decade, almost to the point of obsession. I didn't think they could get any lower than last September, but alas.....

    Since you were so nice to ask - I needed to take a break from listening to local sports radio non-stop. I would have it on in the car, at home, at my desk. I had gotten away from listening to music and made a promise to myself to start listening, learning, buying, seeing live music again. My renewed interest in music is how I ended up finding this site.

    I look forward to the NFL starting next week. I'm still staying up on the goings on in MLB, just not obsessing over the Sox - why should I? Some "interesting" things happening in the AL race this week. Superstition prevents me from putting it in writing. ;-)

  4. Broken Harbor by Tana French, a thriller. Not bad so far. I've read a few other books by this author.

    I was wondering if there was a book thread, haven't had the chance to search for it. When I have some time I'll have to go through some of the pages for ideas.

  5. I try to take in a new ballpark every summer, so I don't really care who's playing when I travel (although I try to arrange for the O's or Nats to be there, if it doesn't work, I go anyway). I've been to every stadium that was there when I started this in the 80's. Now have to go back to 6 or 7 that have been built since. Minneapolis in September - we'll see the Royals, then the White Sox. Helps with the vacation planning :)

    Hi ebk! I too love baseball. My favorite team broke my heart one too many times, and I ended up finding this forum because of them in a roundabout way (long boring story). I would love to see all of the parks, but it's just not feasible. What is your favorite? Have you been to Toronto too?

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