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    Main guitar=1964 Gibson Les Paul SG.Standard, with Delux Vibrato Lyre.

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  1. Hi Cassandra. Once again apologies for not replying sooner. I have only just read your reply. I do realise how lucky I am and thank you for the nice comment. The kindest of regards. ZISH.
  2. Yeeaahhh. Slave to Zep Yeeaahhh, slave to zep. There nice. "House's Of The Holly". ZISH.
  3. Hi JTM. Your eyes are fine. You've got 20 20 vision. ZISH.
  4. Hi All. 'It's a sign'. I toasted some bread this morning and look what happened. I'm calling the Vatican. Has anyone else seen any signs? Please post your photo's, for some 2014 Christmas fun. "Ho Ho Ho Mamma Know The Way You Move, Gonna Make You Sweat, Gonna Make You Groove". Happy Christmas to everyone on here and a Happy Healthy New Year. From ZISH.
  5. Hi Again Azad. Sorry, I did not fully answer your question. You can still buy Herco Plectrums. They are made by Dunlop and are a little different in design and material. I personally think the original ones are a much better plectrum. Happy Christmas to you Azad. ZISH.
  6. ZISH


    Hi cmjvinyl. I hope that you enjoy it here. ZISH.
  7. Ha Ha Rover. Nice one. Did you stay with the girl? Bet you don't remember much of the film. All the best. ZISH.
  8. Hi Daniel. I also hope that the theme tune from Shaft does not replay over and over in you head until the new year. We've gone from Zeppelin to Shaft in one giant leap. Thanks for the lyrics. All the best. ZISH.
  9. Hi Tazz. My only advice to you would be just keep at it. Just keep listening and learning. It will always be hard at first but do not give up. You will be glad when don't because of the amount of pleasure you will get and hopefully other people will get. Good luck and thank you for the kind words. ZISH.
  10. Hey azad. Thanks for your comments. I know lot's of people learn note for note on all ranges of music but I think because I basically taught myself and can not read music, I would never be able to learn it that way. Hence, My stuff is based on the original but with my slant. Thanks again. ZISH.
  11. I used to go and watch at Manticore. It was around the corner to where I lived. Led Zeppelin did frequently go to The Red Lion, which changed name to The Goldon Lion. I also watched Barclay James Harvest and Bethnel rehearse there. Manticore had a full size stage and was used for the 1977 American Tour. The Golden Lion is where Jimmy presented one of his guitars to a Canadian man, who had won 'The Capital Radio,'Save A London Child', "Silly Party Night Raffle. In December 1982. I was there that night, which I have previously written about. As an extra snippet, the last film to be shown before the cinima closed was. Richard Rowntree's 'Shaft'. in 1972. ZISH.
  12. Hi Slave to zep. Thanks for that. I also enjoyed the video. This is my favorite Zeppelin track. All the best. ZISH.
  13. That's it, just keep on keeping on. It will pay in the end. Speak soon. All the best. zish.
  14. Iv'e been playing about 40 years. I should be a lot better. ZISH.
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