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  1. What our show looks like these days:
  2. It's been far too long since I checked in here, but I wanted to give a heads up for some upcoming Zeppelin USA shows. Our shows have become a more multi-media, big production show, incorporating lasers, video screen and other effects. Still performed as a 4 piece band, and still no wigs and costumes! :-) Sat, January 6 - Cerritos Performing Arts Center, Cerritos, CA Fri, January 12 - Phoenix, AZ, The Van Buren Sat, January 13 - Tucson, AZ, The Rialto Theater I've been very fortunate to have also hooked up with Windborne Music, who do the "Music of Led Zeppelin with Symphonies"
  3. Just giving this a bump for anyone in the Tampa/St Petersburg area, we will be out there on April 29, as part of the Mahaffey Theater's 50th Anniversary Week! We're thrilled to be playing in this beautiful venue. Tickets are available HERE (Video on that page as well). We've got a great set planned, with multi-media production, hope some of you can make it out! Would love to say hello to anyone who comes out to it, let me know!
  4. I'll be playing on another of Windborne Music's "Music of Led Zeppelin" shows, this time in Nashville, TN, with the Nashville Symphony. The shows are on Jun 2 and 3 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Usually Randy Jackson sings on these shows, but for these ones, Brody Dolyniuk, the singer from my band, Zeppelin USA, will be singing. Full info and tickets are HERE. Hope any of you in the area can make it!
  5. Oakland 7/23/77 O2 Arena 12/10/07 2 shows 30 years apart - damn lucky and grateful for both!
  6. Yeah, we're getting close, but not exactly down the street! :-) Hopefully, we'll get out to Atlanta at some point. If you decide to make a road trip / weekend getaway and head down there, let me know! Edit: Duh, the FL show is on a Wed, not a weekend... Never mind! :-D
  7. Hey all, Time once again to plug my gigs! Hope some of you can make it out to one, especially if any of you are near the Tampa/St Petersburg, FL area, would love to meet some of you! March 20 - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA April 29 - The Mahaffey Theater, St Petersburg, FL May 24 - Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV You can find more info on these on our Facebook Events Page. Cheers! Steve Z Zeppelin USA
  8. I had the pleasure of performing in Windborne's Music of Led Zeppelin show, with the Milwaukee Symphony, last Sat night, featuring Randy Jackson of Zebra on vocals. Deborah J, we talked about Randy out in NY, and you're right, he's a great, down to earth guy. I had a blast performing with him, and chatting with him. We traded some Zep stories, like how he crashed their after-show party in New Orleans in 1973! :-) Here's a gallery of pics from the show, posted by the theater on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152414170745426.1073742345.26107765425&
  9. Deborah J! Thanks, and it was great to meet you as well! Fantastic night, for sure! Don't know if/when we might make to out to GA, but ya never know...
  10. Thank you, much appreciated! We're based in Southern CA, but also have ties to Vegas in the band, so that's where we've been playing so far. We'll branch out more as we go along. We all do other projects as well, so we don't get to play a whole lot. My last band did the costume/wig thing, so I'm really enjoying getting to be myself and focus on the music!
  11. Greetings, Zeppelin USA will be appearing at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach, CA this Sat night, Nov 15. We will be doing a complete performance of the fourth album, followed by a full second set of Zep classics. Complete info and tickets available at http://lidolive.com/event.cfm?id=179154&cart Hope to see some of you there! Here's a video of us on our first outing of 'Fool In The Rain' last weekend in Las Vegas.
  12. Thank you, I will be sure to let our singer know, as he designed it!
  13. For all the Los Angelenos here, catch Zeppelin USA at the House of Blues in Hollywood this Fri night, Jan 10. This show was originally on Dec 5, but was rescheduled to this new date. Opening will be Deep in Purple and Lights (Journey Tribute). Would love to see some of you there, and please, help us spread the word and share on Facebook, etc! Ramble On Video
  14. Dec 5, 2013 Zeppelin USA Lights - A Tribute to Journey Peace Frog - A Tribute to The Doors House of Blues Event Page If you're on Facebook, here's our EVENT PAGE, feel free to share it, if you can. As usual, looking for any SoCal folks to show up!
  15. Thanks so much for making it to the show, and for the nice review! We had a blast, and being only our second full show, we all felt it went way better than the first. Hope we can do the Inland Empire again soon!
  16. Sorry you had so much trouble! Here's the pic, thanks for sending it to me!
  17. Thanks Lake, appreciate it! Not sure yet how much this band will be getting around, as it's still very new. Here's hoping, though! Meanwhile, here's our take on 'Kashmir' (I think you can view it even if you're not on Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=502592636463921
  18. Thanks M, we'll see you there! Really looking forward to the show. Here's a preview, Ramble On, from our Mar 1 show in Vegas.
  19. Our next show is March 30 at the M15 Bar & Grill in Corona, CA. The Vegas show Mar 1 went great, and we hope to have some video from it posted soon. Hope some of you around SoCal can make it on Mar 30!
  20. Just getting started, so no other dates yet, but keep checking when you have your trip planned! We also have a new website that will have all our dates listed: http://www.zusarocks.com Thanks a bunch!
  21. Since some of you here followed my previous band, I thought I'd start a thread here for my brand new Led Zep tribute band, "Zeppelin USA" or "ZUSA." We've played a couple of benefit shows in Las Vegas and Southern CA, and we have our first full-length show coming up Mar 1 in Vegas. This time, it's just the music, no costumes or wigs, which is just fine by me! If you're anywhere near the Vegas area, come on out, we'd love to see you! If you're on Facebook, you can follow us HERE. Here's a video of 'Stairway' from our second show:
  22. Thanks, M! The end of a nearly 11 year run, very strange feeling... Thanks for all your kind words here & in person at the shows, I really appreciate it!!
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