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  1. Thanks so much Strider! Love being here on the forum, especially reading all of your concert recollections!
  2. Happy Birthday Jonesy! It's yours and my sister's birthday today, as well as JRR Tolkien
  3. Was just watching the MST3K episode "Pod People", and one of the robots during the film riffed in a British accent, "John Bonham, Moby Dick!"...Threw me for a loop, I love that the MST3K guys listen to Led Zeppelin as well, particularly the live stuff!
  4. Agreed! I'm excited to hear the rest of your show accounts, Strider, they're wonderful!
  5. Hamburg, Germany 1973...Kick-ass version, love it
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, Virginia. It's really great, and everyone here really appreciates your work
  7. I love both, but I'd have to say "The Godfather"...mainly because I met Johnny Martino, the guy who played Paulie
  8. Wish I could, but I have to work all day that day Thanks anyway, Walter, have a great time!
  9. Almost bought tickets for that one...kicking myself for not...Have a great time, Walter!
  10. Zoso on May 18th...so excited, haven't seen them in two years!
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