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  1. can't stop looking at the third one
  2. Robert is having so much fun here . if it was just the audio i might have almost thought it was an old recording from lz.
  3. this is how Robert makes me feel
  4. this looks like Robert is taking a selfie
  5. i love having the younger and older robert to fantasize about .
  6. i would love to just jump on top of that and LICK LICK LICK
  7. i want some of this for christmas
  8. i don't know much about this guy and how quickly he became wealthy but i think most of his problems go back to drug use and other personal shit. but i was thinking of those people who win the lottery. they would win some millions and suddenly they start buying all this crap without considering how they have to continually pay for things like property taxes and other fees when they buy their private plane, multiple homes etc. it's not like large corporation ceos, actors and other wealthy types who continually have money coming in regularly . these people could have instead bought a
  9. i can't stop looking at this
  10. JP78


    this is what happens when america turns it's back on god
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