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  1. Mr Jones would have to do so by telephone, as he does not live in Japan.
  2. YES The moderators must have died and left him in charge of the site.
  3. Yes, indeed. I agree with you. I wonder how people who live in the State of Texas are taking the tragic news of NM's passing.
  4. A billion bucks - that's BIG BUCKS, isn't it.
  5. ^^^ Great time for fans who genuinely live in Japan.
  6. Shame - I could have helped you to raise a few Bucks
  7. Waste of time. Doubt you've got a pot to piss in.
  8. This topic was covered some time back. Two months ago. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/2189-rolling-stones-thread/?p=721484
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