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  1. Yup. And that's what ol' Rick James was singing about as well. 'Ludes must have been quite the muse back in the day!
  2. Room 714, I'll be waiting. When I get there she's got incense, wine and candles . It's such a freaky scene...
  3. Soooo? Did we have a Peaches and Herb moment? Were Jimmy and the Black Beauty "Reunited?" Long time, no word....
  4. ^^ Holy sh*t! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen... Where's it from and what does it mean? It's just to the right of disturbing, but it's awesome. Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile, but nothing has moved me like this shot in quite awhile. Edit to add- Here's the pic from glicine so you guys don't have to click backwards. I didn't know I'd be shot to the next page:
  5. So then this thread can remain gaga...otherwise the 2 threads are redundant. Okay, thanks for starting the other thread. Bye bye now. Continue the gaga:
  6. Congrats Evster!! Too cool. Could you feel the magick of his fingers? Hey, a couple of posts back I asked this question. No one answered. Since I have ya here, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this guitar. The shoehorn-shaped bridge? The chipped/unfinished board? The soundhole??!! Do you know what this is?
  7. Alex, There's something so elegant yet sensual about your drawings of him that brings a tear to my eye. I love it. And I know the shot that inspired it! Anyway, it's beautiful. You do something to his hair and lips that make me want to dive into the picture to experience those body parts! Thank you for sharing your gift, Moon
  8. Ooh, I could spend all day proving the "Jimmy Page is still hot" theory. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it...
  9. Well I didn't...until now! Good catch, Missy!
  10. This series is beautiful PP, but this one is like a GQ ad! "James is wearing a chic long coat by Prada. Paired with a hip pair of black Levi's, this outfit says, 'I'm retro, trendy, and fun!'"
  11. It just occurred to me...what a strange looking acoustic! I play a little bitty bit of guitar, but I've never seen one like that. Any info on it? Evster? Anyone?
  12. That is too weird...I made a similar comparison several pages back. Here's how I saw it: Either way, a Jimmy, Jack, Johnny 3-way-comparison is totally hot!
  13. I always thought this was a good Jimmy-lick-neck-sweat pic:
  14. ^I believe this had the caption: "On the prowl in LA."^ Prowl...Mmm..I'd love to be his prey...
  15. Taker328 was kind to post a clip site of IMGL under the thread title: A little sneak peak of IMGL. I wont post it here for 1)redundancy 2)some of you don't want to see too much of the film beforehand. But ladies, I grabbed these shots off the clips, and I couldn't resist posting. How freakin' cute is he??????
  16. Yeah, JAL, that one kinda punched me in the chest when I first saw it. This one is amazing as a work of art, I think. Jack looks good too:
  17. NOT taking sides here, but I can logically explain the hoopla over Charlotte. It's not "her" that upsets people, but the authoritative statements that "Jimmy loved her best." That's like me saying, "Alice 75 loved her 2nd boyfriend best." How dare I make such a statement. I don't know Alice. Alice doesn't know Jimmy and it's weird that she "speaks for him." Sweetest Alice and Spacewomen, try to say things like, "I'm a fan of Charlotte." "I like Charlotte best." People may still question you, but they wont get mad that you are stating as fact something you can't possibly know. Does this help?
  18. Here's more from "the night." I don't suppose anyone would mind if I add my pic to the HPOJ thread:
  19. Ladies.... I. Will. Be. There. He. Will. Be. There. http://rosshalfin.com/diary/june-2009/diary-june-2009.php Got my tickets earlier this week. Found out he's coming this morning. Now, I don't expect a darn thing to happen, but just knowing I'm in the same theater as my James is all the happiness I need.
  20. Crap, we've been arguing in circles then. Apparently, we agree. I just don't know what to do with myself now, Aqua.
  21. Okay. I'll buy this. But I still think we've been told that there were comparably less UK fans than US fans. Meaning, if the UK did have the population of America, it would be obvious that there were less people in the UK buying records and going to concerts. For Zep. I don't think we ever heard this about the Beatles. But if the people from that country are saying "no," then the answer is "no."
  22. No, you're fine. I just want you to know that any argument stating "this or that English band wasn't as popular in England as they were in the States" is not a slight at England. I, and a lot of other American posters, have always heard this regarding Zeppelin and accepted it as fact. If it's not a fact, so be it. Lesson learned. Aqua brought up Eddie Cochran. If you google a biography on Eddie you invariably find a line that says, "he was never as accepted in the US like he was in England." Now, I LOVE Eddie, but I accept this statement as fact. It doesn't offend me at all.
  23. Check your PM. And I like Please, Please Me as well.
  24. I can see your point about it getting irritating. At first, I had to chuckle every time a poster would get so offended and defensive every time the "America is what made Led Zeppelin" line was uttered. Don't take it personally. We just have more people. No one is saying, "America is better than the UK." Well, I'm not. And you know this to be true. But what of this agrument? He's saying that the British audiences don't appear to be enjoying concerts as much as Americans do. Perhaps it's this arument that has caused some confusion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAR0eeGfwJc
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