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  1. Frankly I just don't see it happening. The money really isn't good for these games, literally 1.2 cents per unit. For a band of their magnitude, why bother?
  2. You got a link to that? I don't see it on the official site
  3. A funny Physical Graffiti story that just came to me. i first started seeing them when I was @13 and had gotten my first guitar. I got the chance to talk with the guitar player a few times and me being young and naive didn't really understand that he was heavily under the influence of...something. Any way I asked him how he learned all those Zeppelin songs and he said he had signed up for guitar lessons at a shop but his teacher was always late or never showed up and there was a guy in the shop who would teach him Zeppelin licks while he waited. He was a real prankster. Funny dude. And they wore 70s clothes for the entire day of the gig. They used to play this park a lot and you'd see them with bell bottoms and aviator glasses (waaaaay before that stuff was cool again) walking around the park high as kites, pretty funny really.
  4. I saw them over 40 times in the early 90s and they used to be quite good. I saw them a few years ago at Foxwoods and they were...not good. I think it was a 're-union' show they were laying as a one of. Matt was always great (except the Foxwoods show). Now that I've seen Mr. Jimmy no tribute band could ever measure up. Those guys were sick!!!! Mr. Jimmy Official site
  5. Back OT here for a minute: I get that comparing your band to Led Zeppelin is a good way to generate buzz and get people talking(like Oasis comparing themselves to the Beatles back when) but...seriously, Micheal Anthony?!?! That guy never played anything that wasn't a root or a fifth and that's fine in the context of Van Halen; it's what that band needed, but to compare that style of player with a guy like John Paul Jones is just bizarre. The more I think about it the wierder it is. And Chad Smith plays way on top of the beat, which is fine for his style, but is he gonna start snorting smack and all of a sudden lay waaaay back on some sick ass groove Bonham style? Ok, now the more I think of it I am really curious, I would have never picked those guys for a lineup in a million years. Dare I say excited? I'm not really a fan of any of them but I gotta wonder what it'll sound like. And is Sammy Hagar really 60? Damn, he looks and sounds great. the few times I saw VH it was with Hagar and although I never liked him in VH, he was the only one working on the stage. The other guys looked and sounded like they could not have cared less. Sammy was a class act and worked his ass off on that stage. I liked him solo and with Montrose though so who knows?
  6. Thanks, yeah I've seen that but if I do it I'm going to go full tilt and get the metro. Someday! (hopefully soon)
  7. Absolutely dude, at this point my summer will probably be straight into my amp. Unless I get my vox wha working...
  8. Do you have a source for that? Sounds fascinating and I'd love to read more. i read one of Zappa's books years ago. Good stuff. Ok, I need to go find my wristwatch....
  9. PJD

    South East Mass.

    Used to be around RISD a bit as i had friends that went there and dated some RISD girls. I stay away from the Brownies though...
  10. PJD

    South East Mass.

    Sorry I can't say I do.
  11. PJD

    South East Mass.

    Ha! Classic! As of right now I'm not doing anything, I hate living in New York City so I'm heading back to my homeland. I used to teach guitar lessons and work in a recording studio there. Dunno what I'll do. And yes there are many, many girls with big hair! North Providence and Cranston being the epicenter of the large hair explosion.
  12. Yeah, i hear that. The Tube Tape Echo is $1,200!!! Too rich for my blood plus the EP3 sound is more what I'm after and at $500ish it might be bearable (I'm really cheap) If your into pedals there's a guy in Australia that's building a pedal that's the pre section of an EP3 you can check it out here Clinch Effects And the discussion thread with reviews here at the metro amp forum Metro Amp Forum
  13. PJD

    South East Mass.

    I'll be back in East Providence in a week and a half.
  14. That's similar to how my ASAT Jr is wired, LP style toggle and I had Volume/tone, but I rewired it for a volume knob for each pickup. That Mustang Blue is cool dude! Thanks for the review on that, I used a Fulldrive (??) a buddy loaned me. I hear Fulltone is getting ready to do a version of the Echoplex EP3 that will street for @$5-600, I'm saving my pennies for that!
  15. Read the bill grahm book's account of that night. Really awful.
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