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  1. A funny Physical Graffiti story that just came to me. i first started seeing them when I was @13 and had gotten my first guitar. I got the chance to talk with the guitar player a few times and me being young and naive didn't really understand that he was heavily under the influence of...something. Any way I asked him how he learned all those Zeppelin songs and he said he had signed up for guitar lessons at a shop but his teacher was always late or never showed up and there was a guy in the shop who would teach him Zeppelin licks while he waited. He was a real prankster. Funny dude. And they wore 70s clothes for the entire day of the gig. They used to play this park a lot and you'd see them with bell bottoms and aviator glasses (waaaaay before that stuff was cool again) walking around the park high as kites, pretty funny really.
  2. I saw them over 40 times in the early 90s and they used to be quite good. I saw them a few years ago at Foxwoods and they were...not good. I think it was a 're-union' show they were laying as a one of. Matt was always great (except the Foxwoods show). Now that I've seen Mr. Jimmy no tribute band could ever measure up. Those guys were sick!!!! Mr. Jimmy Official site
  3. Errr....no way. For starters why would Geffen get any money from a G&R tour? Labels have only begun to share touring revenue in recent years, they traditionally front the expense but don't take a huge piece of the gross, especially in a band the caliber of Guns and Roses, regardless of lineup. The label makes revenues from CD sales/Digital downloads/ringtones/new media (video downloads and the like). The number floating around industry sources was $13 million over a year ago and they pulled the plug on it and told him if he wanted to finish it he would have to come up with the money. Who knows what they worked out to keep the album in progress but that number is unheard of and obscene for a recording budget. Don't forget, that's just the recording cost. A band like G&R would easily have a promotional campaign that runs into the millions, if not the 10's of millions. Radio play, videos and word of mouth cost money. Figure two videos at $2.5 million each, which isn't a lot and another $5-8 mill for promotion and your looking at possibly over $20 Million dollars to recoup before they see a dime of profit. From a cahsflow perspective they're fucked. They're in it up to their assholes with no way out but to keep spending but you better believe they're worried.
  4. Peter Green is great! It's funny I used to look a bit like Danny Kirwin and kinda play like him too!
  5. I hated them when they came out and hate them still. I'll never forget hearing the Nevermind album and say "the singing sucks and the guitar playing sucks, why would anybody listen to this?" and going back to my Zeppelin Destroyer boot (on cassette!). Also as I've become older I've seen this myth build up with kids who were weren't around then that they were the epitome of alternative and it just isn't true. While they were a something totally new they were as heavily marketed and promoted as Fallout Boy and all those other disposable bands of today are. Every girl in the 7th grade knew all the words to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and they played that on top 40 radio constantly. It was the Soundgardens and Mudhoneys that were the alternative back then. College radio was really, really cool in the early 90's. Even if you didn't like what they were playing it was always new and different. End of an era. Another funny thing is I didn't know that Teen Spirit was a deodorant for years after!
  6. Great player. He does a killer version of "Tea For One" and I'm pretty sure Jason Bonham played on his last record.
  7. I've got a vinyl of a a Japan show (72 i think) that is terrible! Plain white sleeve with no graphics to boot!
  8. It could be that or it could be tape bleed. If you record a track too 'hot' next to a quiet track on tape you will be able to hear the 'hot' track next to the quiet one. Thats why drum and bass tracks never go next to vocal tracks, you would hear the drums bleed through into the vocal track (assuming they were pushing the tape hard, which is pretty common with tape) I know there are a bunch of examples of this on the first two records.
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