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    Make me laugh!

    do you know what hall sex is? thats when you and your wife pass each other in the hall and say fuck you
  2. with or without you....u2
  3. time will come......chamber brothers
  4. hey bro havent been on site in a while try to visit whenever i can

  5. your time is gonna come ...zep
  6. let the good times roll....the cars
  7. going out for oysters and clams yum

  8. for what it's worth...buffalo springfield
  9. My friend Patty. The most beautiful woman in the world.
  10. car sports car or sedan
  11. A girl like you--The smithereens
  12. something to believe in--poison
  13. MOJO

    Make me laugh!

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hood, not a ho was working though they knew they should. Her stockings were stained with jizz and a hair, with hopes that a john would soon appear. The pimp was at home all snug in his bed, while visions of benjamins danced in his head. Mama was in the bedroom and I on the couch, watching a movie about a Christmas grouch. I was smoking a joint and drinking a beer, when mama called out "get your ass in here!" Upon entering the room I saw her in bed, totally naked from her toes to her head. I was licking her pussy with my dick in her mouth, that's when we heard someone shout, so I jumped to my feet to see what it's about. I looked in the living room and to my surprise, two thugs appeared right before my eyes. head to toe, front to back both clad all in black, the short fat one held it open while the skinny one filled their sack. It was fat boy who provoked my attack because I had noticed he was drinking my jack. Skinny spotted me standing there steaming, causing him to charge at me screaming. I hit him so hard he fell to the floor, causing fat boy to run for the door. I pounced on him quickly like a lion on its prey, there was no chance he was getting away. Beating him badly within inches of his life, I heard the other say "let him go or I will kill your wife." I turn around and noticed he was wielding a knife, which made me decide I would take his life. Whooping his ass and having a ball, suddenly I put his head through the wall. At that moment fat boy returned with this thought in his head, he wanted to kill me with a pipe made of lead. With a mighty swing mama smashed his head, with the bat she pulled from under the bed. I turned to face her holding my head, because I realized they were both dead. She was standing there naked still holding the bat, it was my Louisville Slugger can you imagine that. We disposed of the bodies before returning to bed, I looked at mama and this is what I said "Merry Christmas baby," and the sun was shining bright,"somehow we survived another night!" This story is true and I often wonder, I might have let them live and keep the sack if fat boy would have left his hands off my jack. Because he made that mistake his biggest blunder, he and skinny are now six feet under. MOJO
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