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  1. OMG! They sound amazing. Especially Since I've have been loving You!
  2. I see. I guess it can be at bit to much psychedelic, and experimental for some people. I was familiar with some of the songs before, because of the Live at Pompeii video. What songs do you like?
  3. I just listened to A Saucerful of Secrets for the fist time, and I was blown away on how excellent this album was. Truly a lost gem. I don't get why Floyd fans don't like this album.
  4. This album sounds amazing!!! Scumbag Blues and Reptiles are my favorites for now, but I'm sure its going to change from day to day. Reptiles sure got a strong Zep vibe going on.
  5. I got Passion and Warfare and Flex-Able on Vinyl. I have actually played them a lot lately. Great stuff. I also dig the stuff he did with Mr Zappa.
  6. Great news! I must get the LP release:-)
  7. I bought these on LP: The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out
  8. Im listening to Mean Business by The Firm. Its pretty pretty pretty good.
  9. But its most likely that they would have passed out before they hit the water, right? This is sad.
  10. Listening to Houses of the Holy on vinyl now,and the drums just sounds incredible!!!!! They are so dynamic and punchy! Vinyl wins for sure!
  11. What happened to we want to play loud music again, and the positive vibe that was after the reunion gig? They can still do a new project without using the Led Zeppelin name. Right? Im sure there is a lot of new ideas and material they could use.
  12. Hope your right! I heard there was some talk of a reunion not long ago so its very possible.
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