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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Hope 2014 brings you peace, love and more rock n' roll.
  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing, Strider! Very Tinariwen-esque, for sure - especially perfect for the lazy, mellow dog days of summer. Looking forward to your review of the concert, Cookie!
  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Julie! Have a wonderful dinner celebration.
  4. I'm an old lady of 24 (), but I also have these problems when playing guitar (I think in general my posture's just lazy and needs retraining). So I might make an investment in that cushion, thanks for sharing Scarlet!
  5. Wonderful pics, everyone! And April, you look simply gorgeous (duckface and all).
  6. kenog, Many thanks for sharing this! As a former orch dork/band geek who's suffered through many a tortuous music theory class, it always fascinates me to see these types of topics explored in popular music. I think it's also a testament to Zep's greatness that their compositions can be explored so comprehensively and intricately. Looking forward to reading the paper in more depth, but I thought the author was spot on with these comments.
  7. Welcome, always great to meet a fellow younger Zeppelin fan!
  8. A huge thank you to all who have contributed to this thread. Agreed that the pure joy on JPJ's face just adds to my appreciation/enjoyment of their collaboration. My British friends were absolutely dumbfounded that I hadn't heard of him prior to moving to Europe and learning of his first project with Jonesy. He really does have massive fans of all ages over here. Beautifully stated. Seasick Steve is just one great example of someone who's stayed in the music business (in many capacities), has always had confidence and perseverance in doing what he loves, and is finally gettin
  9. This is lovely, Scarlet - a really powerful testament to the transformative powers of great music. I was just thinking about how LZ is one of the few bands I can listen to that will accommodate every mood.
  10. I think you'll be right at home here, Anxss. Thanks to everyone for the recent influx of lovely pics! I adore this one, April.
  11. Nothing new/rare here - just felt like going through some black and white oldies but goodies this morning. (Welcome from me as well, Anxss! )
  12. Cookie, I'd like to add to the choir and once again thank you for all of your dedication and work on behalf of all of us. As kenog mentioned, you are always so enthusiastic and gracious in sharing your up-to-date information with everyone here. Also (slightly off topic), I really appreciate the variety/wide scope of information you report on @LedZepNews. From the official press releases/interviews etc. to the more personal touches (shared fan photos, Jason's reactions to the tragedy in Boston), it really is a fantastic resource for all Zeppelin fans. I always look forward to updates!
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