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  1. She dessimated the north. Ruined the industry, crushed the unions - to this day many northern towns, which for hundreds of years had thrived with local industry and productivity are now ghosts of their fomer selves.
  2. Made this last night cos it's my favourite meme and the pic seemed appropriate
  3. I'm 23 and have been an uber fan for a decade now. I first heard and fell in love with them the summer the live DVD and How The West Was Won was released and they instantly became an obsession, I'd never heard anything like them!! My dad actively encouraged this, bought me Dave Lewis' books and took me to see tribute bands. To celebrate mine and Zep's 10 year 'anniversary' I plan to get the 4 symbols tattooed on the inside of my wrists - I've been promising myself it since I was 13!
  4. Yep number one and have been since I was 13 - 10 years now, gosh! Then The Smiths at number two.
  5. When I realised my sister is only 12 weeks away from her due date
  6. I chose Sick Again but Ten Years Gone and Trampled Under Foot would be very close behind. Not a single duff track on PG though, I even love Boogie With Stu!
  7. Happy Together - The Turtles
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