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  1. Killing Floor Blues

    8/31/71 Orlando

    Late 1971 is my favorite period for live Zeppelin. Plant's still in great voice, Jimmy's playing is exceptional, very fluid. Bonham and Jones, well...were they ever anything but great? The August and September shows of that year were remarkable.
  2. Killing Floor Blues

    greatest live moments

    Agreed! Amazing vocals.
  3. Killing Floor Blues

    Underappreciated shows

    7/24/79 is a really good show and one of my favorite post 73 concerts. I'd listen to that over the much overrated (IMO of course) Knebworth shows of 1979 any day. Jimmy was playing so well here. Strange how something like 8/11/79 can happen just a few weeks after such a solid show.
  4. Killing Floor Blues

    Seattle 3/21/75

    It's a great show indeed. While I also prefer this show (and most March 75 shows) over Earl's Court shows, IMO Zep's live shows peaked in 71 and 72, not in 1975. March of 73 is pretty awesome also. Edited for some typos.
  5. I always thought it would have made sense to had done tour or at least a few shows during 2003 when The DVD and HTWWW were released. That material being released was a pretty big deal and a long time coming.
  6. Killing Floor Blues

    Most Consistent year

    Agreed, definitely! Anything from 1970 is pretty spectacular as well.
  7. Killing Floor Blues

    Longest Stairway to Heaven Version

    The 4th was an alright show, with some really good moments, but the 11th was a disaster. Poor Jimmy sounded like he was playing with all thumbs that night. Strange, given the Copenhagen shows just a few weeks earlier were quite good IMO.
  8. Killing Floor Blues

    BEST live song and WORST live song

    Favorites Immigrant Song 70-71 Thank You 71 Whole Lotta Love Medleys 71-72 As Long As I Have You 69 Dazed 69-March 73 No Quarter 73 SIBLY 70-72 Stairway 71-72
  9. Killing Floor Blues

    Best of Led Zeppelin Live

    I think that's what we got with the 2003 DVD release. I doubt we will ever see something like on an album. Personally, I would rather have a complete show over a chronological live album given the choice, but that's just me. Agreed, a little sluggish. Compared to most 69-73 shows, EC seems very average to me. For 1975, I really prefer most of the March shows of that year.
  10. Killing Floor Blues

    adelaide 72

  11. Killing Floor Blues

    adelaide 72

    WTF? For someone who is being so nit picky about someone's post, how about you actually contribute to the thread? Anyways. To the OP, what I also gather from the recording is the guy was just being plain obnoxious and Robert had simply had enough. Shame, the guy probably doesn't remember anything from a GREAT concert.
  12. Killing Floor Blues


    Actually, isn't it Plant that can't be found for the reunion?
  13. Killing Floor Blues

    What do you all think

    I also feel like the EC shows are a little overrated. I definitely don't think it's Tempe bad, but I find it strange that they get rated so highly when nearly every 69-72 show was better IMHO. If we're talking 75 only, I actually prefer most of the March shows from that year compared to the Earl's Court shows. But, to each his own...
  14. Killing Floor Blues

    What do you all think

    Pretty standard 75 version IMO. I personally prefer the 72, 73 versions of OTH. 72 for the vocals, and 73 for the guitar solos. As mentioned, the "moron" renamed the song because it would have been pulled by youtube.
  15. Killing Floor Blues

    Underappreciated shows

    10-10-69 In a word...Powerful!