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  1. I've always wondered about the different pressings of this boxed set. I've seen pictures of the labels from this boxed set and many are blank and white. I've seen the ones that say promo. Mine on the other hand has the same drawing of a dude reading a newspaper for each label and each label is a different color.
  2. The Doors movie made a mockery of Jim and really only showed his dark side. I happened to have met and talked with Ray, Robbie, John, Paul, and Danny back in 1985. They all said pretty much the same thing during individual one on one conversations. Jim became fed up with what the audience expected of him. For this reason he became very disillusioned with the whole concert scene. He was very depressed about who the general public thought he was and because of this he drank heavily, hell he was an alcoholic to begin with and all that went on made him want to drink even more just to cope. He said "they want a freak show so lets give it to them". Jim on the other hand just wanted a means to get his poetry out to the general public. Live in concert was the cheapest and most effective way to do so. Jim was very misunderstood by his band mates and everyone around him except for Ray who said "I probably new him the best but then again I really didn't know him at all". Jim was pretty much like any other artist from any time period, someone who had goals, intended to find a way to accomplish them, but life got in the way (partly by his choice) and we never really got to see who he really was, that was the general publics fault because they just would not let him be himself. Not drinking Jim was quite, shy, and articulate. Drinking... well we all know what that was like, not in person but we got the general idea.
  3. Yep Morrison "Blew it" quite a few times but on some of the CD boots that I have he was spot on and the band was almost always tight. You had to catch Morrison in a good mood and he was a great performer. Unfortunately he began to regret having to perform onstage for people who really didn't appreciate "The Doors" in the way he had intended.
  4. Well lets see.... Morrison was a poet and his lyrics were quite articulate. Morrison became a crooner on the last couple of albums especially LA Woman. He can be compared to the likes of Frank Sinatra. Plant was (in Zep) a blues vocalist, belting out and wailing away much like Janis Joplin did. A little weak on the lyrics making them rhyme more than have reason. but still very good none the less. Kreiger on guitar was more Jazz and Flamenco influenced, not using a pick but 5 fingers to pluck the strings. Page on guitar was a maestro utilizing all the tricks of the trade including guitar tunings, pedals, and acoustically more influenced by folk music. Manzarek was the absolute backbone of the group and the only one who had any control (although very little) over Jim. Jones became the significant arranger of the group. Densmore was influenced by Jazz and the Salsa beat and was quite good at adding accents here and there. Bonham was the epitome of the off beat perfectionist. Going beyond just adding accents he literally morphed the way in which to play percussion. Both bands are in my top 5. Both bands were significant in steering the direction in which popular music is played today. You can't compare the 2 because of the different time periods which they represent. No it would not be like comparing The Turtles and The Beatles but more like Apples and Oranges. Both bands are in the upper echelon of contemporary music. This would be like trying to compare LA Woman (71) to Zeppelin IV (71) which at an artistic stand point can't really be done because you have 2 completely different styles of music. You would not have a fair and accurate base or starting point to make a complete and honest judgement upon each album individually and then go on to compare the 2 against each other. Both albums have very strong points and both albums have weaknesses as do both bands.
  5. Anyone have any vinyl 45's from The Firm ? Yes as a matter of fact I do... Radioactive US pressing Radioactive UK pressing Radioactive/All the Kings Horses US oldies pressing Radioactive US promo Satisfaction Guaranteed US pressing Satisfaction Guaranteed US promo These Arms of Mine US promo (Willie and the Poor Boys) All the Kings Horses US pressing Live in Peace US pressing Live in Peace US promo ....and a mislabeled Foreigner 45 that plays the Firm Well you asked.... I saw The Firm for both tours at The Forum in Los Angeles. The first tour, first night Page tried to be cool and kick flip a folding chair back up into its folded position and he failed. The second night he tried it and the trick went perfectly. I have a tape of that first show and no I didn't record it I bought it at a swap meet. Although I really liked the concert Page seemed to rely on his bendy guitar too much and I thought it took away from his sound. The second tour, the band was flawless, very tight and put on a great show. I have a 2LP boot for that show on clear vinyl. I was very close for all 3 concerts and I never saw Page get shot up with anything. Yeah he rolled up his sleeves but he probably thought it was cool to do so before his solo.
  6. Wow so much evidence with over 90% of the links dead......
  7. Nice cover up website. Pictures and diagrams of what another plane looked like after it struck concrete. I'm not interested in the test some yahoo made I want to know what happened at the Pentagon. You can't make a decision on what actually happened because there were only a hand full of pictures released from the site. Why? All that time and investigating and so few pictures that we were able to view? Is it a secret that "something" happened at the Pentagon? Look at these pictures, this is what happened when Bobby crashed his bike into a tree. We don't have but a few pictures to show you what happened when Tommy crashed his bike into a tree but you can believe me when I say the results were the same. Really? There were light posts and other obstacles that even the most experienced pilot would have had trouble navigating through to do what was done. Yet a pilot with just a few weeks training did it. "So I'm telling you the truth boys, this plane flew through all these obstacles and maintained a perfectly level approach not catching a wing tip or anything on a light post, a vehicle, the ground, nothing" I saw the diagrams of the plane, and the building and what those diagrams show should be the extent of the damage to the Pentagon but you know what there wasn't that kind of damage. The length of the wingspan was... and the damage to the Pentagon was measured at how many feet? Something just doesn't add up here.....
  8. Yeah there was plenty of debris small enough so that one person could pick up and carry away even the biggest pieces. Those pieces could have also been placed there by one person as to make us all think that a plane crash had occurred. So you said there were pictures? Show me pictures of the engines....
  9. So jet engines which are made of metals like Titanium just vaporized? Where were the engines from the pentagon crash? Many eyewitnesses heard multiple explosions during the fall of both towers. (this includes firemen and police) There is video footage of plumes of smoke visible from each floor as if explosive devices were being detonated. Steel girders recovered from the 911 site were cut in a diagonal fashion similar to those cut when a building is being purposely demolished. There was molten metal in a pool which burned red hot for weeks after the incident, only the explosive Thermite would be hot enough to burn for such a long period of time. Thermite is an explosive designed exclusively for building demolition. Many eyewitnesses have said that there were no windows like those of a commercial airliner on the plane that hit the 2nd tower, no one looked up to see the first crash. Many have said that there were explosions at ground level or below before any planes struck the towers. Broadcast news were quick to edit previously aired footage of the second strike. I could go on but it's time for bed. Naw... I don't think it was a conspiracy... who would have anything to gain by doing such a thing? Well I can think of a couple of guys who lined their pockets with cash during the war. So did a certain building owner who changed his insurance just weeks before the attack by including terrorism in his policy. Lets no forget the company that a certain fellow used to be the CEO of that made billions from the war.... goodnight....
  10. I have this show on vinyl (Full Disclouser Records). I find it kind of strange that the boot is called The Honey Drippers but no songs from the album were played.
  11. Back in the 80s the group reformed (sort of) and named themselves The Box of Frogs. I think there were only 2 albums released. The first album self titled Box of Frogs was pretty good. The second album was called Strange Land and was pretty good also and they re-did Heart Full of Soul which was pretty cool. John Fiddler - vocals, guitar Jim McCarty - drums, backing vocals Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Paul Samwell Smith - bass, backing vocals Also on the first album it says "our thanks to Dzal for lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals, and percussion. If you can find a copy get the first album on Epic Records from 1984 it is really worth a listen.
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