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  1. How do I listen to my live Zeppelin? With frequent cringing, either at Robert's voice cracks and loose interpretations of what notes are or at Jimmy's frequently forgetting to take his mittens off before going onstage (at least that's how his playing sounds). Yeah I know that wasn't the question, but I couldn't resist
  2. it's the abuse plain and simple. Geoff Tate, who could have been possibly the best metal singer ever, completely ruined his voice by repeatedly touring while sick. He's a pathetic joke nowadays. Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and, until his death, Ronnie James Dio all still have it. I saw Priest's farewell tour in Rochester, NY and Halford was amazing. I was weeping in joy. Dickinson is far better now than when he was young. He's consistent across a tour, something he never was before he left and rejoined Maiden (unless you count consistently bad like most of 85 and 86). Even on their definitive live album Live After Death Bruce is bloody horrible, screaming and screeching, cutting corners all the time. He doesn't do that now. And Dio has sounded the same since he joined Rainbow. As mentioned above An Wilson still has it too. I saw her in 2012, then a few months ago, and am going to see Heart twice in July. Annie got a standing ovation for Alone she sang so good. Plant may have been amazing at the start, but he's alway pushed himself beyond what is his optimal singing range, and in the process he's basically juist hurt himself. Add to that singing while sick, smoking and a wide assortment of partying (and not sleeping) and RP's performances were never consistent. His voice changed at least 3 times in Zeppelin's career, never for the better. BTW, has anyone noticed that when he started with LZ and had the blues voice his phrasing and technique were very much the same as Janis Joplin's? They must have owned all the same blues records
  3. OK, so for this newbie's first post I'll try not to be so insulting, but yeah I agree it's not a very good song. To me it's the thing that makes you go "what the hell were they thinking?" as mentioned above, the lyrics are crap. The singing itself is uninteresting, the performance is flat and lacklustre with the drums entirely too heavy handed. It seems to me not to be a band that likes reggae and wants to branch out into a new style, but rather one that hates reggae and is mocking it. Hot Dog, on the orther hand seems more of a tongue-in-cheek tribute, a song that takes you by surprise at first (then again the whole ITTOD album did that for me. I thought I had gotten a mislabelled Alan Parsons album by mistake), but comes off as funny yet reverential. DM, in contrast, comes off as silly, but not in a good way, more because its so pathetic. It's like white guys in their 40s trying to rap. The song sits about at the same level as the appearance of Pink Floyd's San Tropez on an album: Worst. Decision. Ever. (all that being said I think Carouselambra is a far worse song than DM. No band should have ever recorded that song, be it Zeppelin or The Buggles. Itr just should have never been heard by anyone anywhere ever) Now all of you out there talking about what songs the radio staions near you play...You're lucky. I live near Buffalo and we have 97 Rock. It is my belief that this station owns about 20 CDs, 3 of them Pink Floyd, Boston's first two albums, greatest hits albums by Steve Miller, John Cougar, Journey and Kansas and all the Zeppelin albums. There is not one song that doesn't get regular airplay. The reason I say you're lucky is because of the long term consequences of this. I grew up in the 80s. I was 13 in 1982 and that's about when I began paying attention to radio and the music outside my house (inside was only Neil Diamond and Elvis). I made a few tapes off 97 Rock and I swear to you the playlist on those tapes is exactly the same as what you'll hear if you put the station on now. They have not altered their content one bit in 30 years. In fact they play less than they did back then. I remember new songs by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest back in 83. Nowhere will you hear them now. The end result of this is that studio Zeppelin is now dead to me. Every song they ever did is so played out that it is likely that I will never again for the rest of my life intentionally put on a LZ album. So a hearty F U to 97 Rock, and especially Cindy Chan, the all Zeppelin and Zappa DJ who is pretty much single handedly responsible for ruining Zeppelin for me for life. And finally: Thank you all you clandestine tapers who took the chance at a Peter Grant beatdown in order to preserve LZ's live history for all of us a bit too young to have been there. It's you and your tapes that keep Zeppelin alive
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