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  1. I don't know how I missed this before, Strider. But it's such a good read, I'll be waiting for more
  2. It's easy to find somebody who can do the same skill, known or unknown. But the other thing to consider is will they be able to work together as a unit and produce the same level of energy? I'm sure anybody else in the creative field will understand what I am trying to say. Sometimes we work with people who are very good in their fields but the combined effort is just ok and sometimes with other people the effort is out of this world. As we all know the sum that was Led Zeppelin is irreplaceable.
  3. Since I've Been Loving You and Ten Years Gone studio recordings.
  4. I'd say ALS is a musical masterpiece that is not for everybody. It's an acquired taste, much like a particular dish whose taste is not very common. But I've loved it from the first time I heard it. I remember watching an interview of the 3 where they were asked what songs were their favorites. John Paul answered What Is And What Should Never Be (if I remember right), Jimmy had more than 1 and Robert said ALS.
  5. When your text tone and ring tone are zep songs.
  6. Well I think Adam is a good singer. I loved his Mad World version. But singing WLL...he hit the high notes alright but I felt he wasn't rock enough. I like a natural rock swagger from a rock singer. Maybe he did WLL justice but of course it wasn't anywhere near Robert's. Somebody wrote earlier that he would have been better off singing Journey's Loving, Touching, Squeezing. I agree. But I thought the duet with Allison rocked. I thought that judge needs to realize that a rock god status is not earned with 1 good rock performance.
  7. Robert. I speak my mind and I'm flamboyant.
  8. bga

    Aging Disgracefully

    I'm assuming the writer is young? Well I only have one thing to say to writers like that: YOUR TURN (of aging) WILL COME!!!
  9. bga

    GRAMMY Results

    Robert and Allison will perform right before the last award (album of the year)
  10. bga

    GRAMMY Results

    They did it! I'm so happy for Robert and Allison
  11. bga

    GRAMMY Results

    Radiohead was good. It is morning here in Asia and I'm watching it live. Can't wait to see Robert and Allison perform. I love Robert's jacket...
  12. bga

    Plant honored with CBE

    I wish... But really I'm so happy for Robert
  13. I still listen to it every few days (I have been doing so for decades from vinyl to cassette tape to dvd now) and watch the live videos over and over. I can't get tired of a masterpiece. It is just a beautiful piece...
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