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  1. sounds like physical graffiti is a goodun'. just my friend said she would get me that for my birthday (mutual agreement where i get her a copy of houses of the holy for hers) which is next may :/ one of my favourites from my collection is The Song Remains The Same, because their live stuff is so good, and my favourite album of all time is led zeppelin i so maybe the deluxe edition of that is one to definitely think about...
  2. You Shook Me is just constantly stuck in my head
  3. OK guys. I have been into vinyl for a few months now, and have been in to LZ for 3-4 years but only since I've been into vinyl have I truly found a real interest. This was more than partly due to the fact that my first vinyl was 'The Song Remains the Same Soundtrack'. I currently own that, obviously, 'LZ II' and 'In Through the Out Door' in the butchers sleeve. I was thinking about what my next would be in a record fair recently, but I though it would be interesting to see what you guys' favourites are. Mine is probably Led Zep II out of the ones I own, but if I owned it, it's more than likely my favourite it would be Led Zeppelin IV. Love to find out what you guys think. Thanks P.S. ignore my slightly dubious school pottery project from a couple of years ago at the top of the picture!
  4. i heard that ittod was a bit rubbish, but i really don't mind it. apart from carouselambra. that one does my head in. sooo long... also going to california from iv is a little dull. not truly shocking, but i may have been known to skip that one..
  5. was going to try and say something deeper than what i will, but i guess its all been said by one of the first replys. you cant exactly play a song like whole lotta love with a 'lotta' accuracy and make it sound good. its one of those songs. and i guess that goes for a lot of led zep stuff. youve just gotta throw your pick around the strings.
  6. pretty recently really. i started off by going to sainsburys (british supermarket for the yankees) and bought the mothership cd. i listened to it with my dad on a road trip to cornwall and liked them ever since, but it really kicked off when i bought my first led zep vinyl. it was the song remains the same soundtrack...
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