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  1. I bought the Deluxe two cd set. I find the version to be sub par at best, sounds horrible, and it was a big low point of the companion cds. Out of all of them I thought In Through The Out Door Companion disc sounded terrible. Considering their is a excellent extended version in the archives.  (All My Love).

  2. I was listening to some of these "live recordings" and the quality is just terrible. I am not complaining or anything because I love how Zeppelin changed the songs from night to night. Though the recordings Iv'e heard on this post {NYC77} are terrible. I am totally sure if you where there it was amazing show. Can you guys guide me to better sounding Zeppelin shows, with rich bass, thundering Bonzo, wizard spider finger Page, and howling wolf Plant? Besides Listen to this Eddie.....

  3. To me I find the situation regarding John Bonham very sad. Such an amazing drummer with a fire that could not be sustained. His drinking was his swan song. Reading from Richard Cole Book Stairway to heaven, he makes Bonzo look like a total drunk. By passes the fact the man was a loving father, a caring husband, and a brother and son. Bonham to me would have retired on his farm with his wife Pat, sing songs as a golden sun goes down. Happy Birthday Mr. Bonham.

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  4. In Dave Lewis book (The complete guide to the music of Led Zeppelin.) 

    Their live shows after 1973 were much more spectacular. It is a shame that there is no official visual record of Earls Court, 1975. The US 1977 tour or Knebworth, All have these shows were filmed for the group and remain in the archives. Having been privileged enough to seen these video tapes. I can endorse the fact they capture the magic of live Led Zep, far better than The Song Remains The Same. (P.72) 

    My question is this. What shows in 1977 are there besides Seattle, and a so called Pontiac Dome shows has he seen? Are these the live shows that Jimmy Page is working on for release for Led Zeppelin 50th ?  

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