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  1. being happy right now. feels so good.
  2. I dont know you but have a lovely birthday.
  3. Just booked a gorgeous hotel break, the weekend after next, cannot wait.
  4. Robert Plant has many houses, but lives in near Kidderminster. Bonham was from a place near Rushok Worcestershire. John Paul lives in London. Jimmy was from Epsom,Surrey. but lives somewhere in London now.
  5. I have spoken to a lady who used to travel on a train with Jimmy Page, from Epsom, she said at a very young age it was fun everyday, to travel on the train and be entertained with him playing his guitar. Everyday the teacher took it off him and everday at the end of the day it was given back to him,just a story I heard.
  6. Georgia

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    a big welcome to you.
  7. Tangents within a Framework,Jimmy Page.by Howard Mylett. I love this book so much.
  8. and I have heard of it before, but I don t think it will be as good as the books by Howard Mylett.
  9. I don t like the photograph it does him no favours.
  10. I have a very rare robert plant single, called Your gonna run, I bought it for 160 pounds, it is worth 200 pounds now.He released this when he was 17.
  11. I would like to wish Mr Jimmy Patrick Page a lovely birthday, and a big thank you for the beautiful music he has made. thank you.
  12. don t worry so much Scarlett, look at it, as you learn something new everyday.
  13. WOW. WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It is interesting to read what everyone thinks about this, and everyone has their different opinions, but, I personallyam not impressed.
  15. Georgia

    Has anyone

    i agree with that, now I do believe that they were greatly inspired by welsh legends,such as Owain |Glyndwr, \the welsh prince of Wales in the 14th century, a lot of their songs relate to Castles, magic, legends, just my thoughts,.
  16. He has had some pictures, taken of himself in his time, wonderful thank you for posting that...................................
  17. oh my god that is so true it would be wonderful ,if he was here.
  18. Stormy,rainy and so depressing, oh for sunshine.
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