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    Art, music, photography, Travel, Culture, Psychology, Astrology.
  1. x-lolarose-x

    Favourite movie scene?

    the ending to scarface is just classic
  2. x-lolarose-x

    What do you think is Over The Hills And Far Away?

    Anybody else just think it's the Teletubbies?
  3. x-lolarose-x

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I haven't been on here for months, I've got lots of catching up to do!!!!
  4. x-lolarose-x

    Jimi Hendrix

    I'm a big hendrix fan my favourite songs are stonefree and voodoo child
  5. x-lolarose-x

    Nirvana - Reunion?

    it would be great - I never got the chance to see nirvana and I love them but without kurt...it just wouldn't work
  6. x-lolarose-x

    What's your sign, man?

    im a cross sign taurus/gemini
  7. x-lolarose-x

    Roberts Jeans

    I like the angle!
  8. x-lolarose-x

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I really do envy his guitar at times
  9. x-lolarose-x

    The White Stripes Thread . . .

    I love the white stripes they're one of the few modern bands I like
  10. x-lolarose-x

    ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS European Tour Dates

    had no idea they were onsale today! I doubt manchester will have any left by the time I get my christmas money
  11. x-lolarose-x

    Hot Pics of Robert

    it's such ashame about his son
  12. x-lolarose-x

    A Youngster's Opinion (please be nice)

    I'm a fifteen year old girl and know exactly what you mean you're not alone! there are a few of us who aren't into my shitty romance!
  13. x-lolarose-x

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    but the legend, of the rent, was way hardcore!
  14. If they didn't tour, I wouldn't be totally "OMG ZEPPELIN SUCK THEY'RE SELL-OUTS" blah blah blah like some people do about certain bands [iron maiden not playing desired locations is one example] I would totally understand. However, I'd absolutely LOVE to be able to see them just once because I've never seen them as I'm only 15 and wasn't born at the right time
  15. x-lolarose-x

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    either that or it's an Alice in wonderland scenario - he ate the wrong side of the mushroom