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  1. the ending to scarface is just classic
  2. I haven't been on here for months, I've got lots of catching up to do!!!!
  3. I'm a big hendrix fan my favourite songs are stonefree and voodoo child
  4. I really do envy his guitar at times
  5. I love the white stripes they're one of the few modern bands I like
  6. it's such ashame about his son
  7. but the legend, of the rent, was way hardcore!
  8. either that or it's an Alice in wonderland scenario - he ate the wrong side of the mushroom
  9. this bloke kisses everyone! when's it my turn?!
  10. *gets excited whilst logging into photobucket*
  11. I'm so sorry about your dad, you have my sympathy I know what you mean about LZ, the music is like medicine, it's an escape for me at times and I most definetely agree with what you think of Mr.Plant!
  12. of course! no Jack Daniels with the soda, I swear!
  13. I haven't seen many 02 pics - I'm more than sure there's lots floating around here but I'm still trying to get into the swing of this forum
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