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  1. Saw this at the pics earlier in the year. Now out on video. Makes the hair on your neck stand up. Incidently, it's got nowt to do with dinosaurs.
  2. Hey.

    Long time. Don't come here now.

    Thought about offering my services for the tour/next album/TV appearances.

    See what strings you can pull !


  3. A fool in love : Frankie Miller
  4. Doc about the classical (now jazz) violinist Nigel Kennedy. He lives and works in Poland now, playing locally with his jazz ensemble. Talented bloke.
  5. Turkey Leg Woman : Dr. Ross.
  6. CD - The best of Fats Waller. Realised that I didn't have any when I fancied listening to some. Rectified that fast enough with the kind assistance of Ebay and £1.49 +pp
  7. Action Strasse : Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  8. The Little Sister : Raymond Chandler. I've read all the other Philip Marlowe mysteries, so this is the final outing, and I'm a bit gutted. Really enjoyed them all. The Lady in the Lake would be the best. TLS was spoiled just a fraction because I made the mistake of watching the James Garner/Bruce Lee version on the Dullard Box last week. It was pish.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcGwjiUYPeY Walkin through the park. Obviously that'll change though when I get to the bun shop.
  10. Gogol Bordello Tarantar NY imigrant, 9 piece Gypsy Punk dance & mayhem noise merchants. Fronted by a Ukrainian bloke who sounds like the bastard son of Borat and Mucus the singing mongrel.
  11. That Cok Wan fella with his look good with no clothes on show. Well . . . . she's watching it, I'm fannying around all over the net.
  12. Change my way of livin' : Jimmy Reed
  13. World shut your mouth : Julian Cope.
  14. The man in the jar : Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
  15. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm just too . . . . . emotional . . . . . right now . . . . to congratulate you . . . further. Saw Setzer a few years ago with the Nashvillains. Which went straight into my top five gigs of all time. If I see Phantom round my bit . . . . he'll get a fucking slap.
  16. Had a long, very hot bath. Total bliss after a long, crappy day and a dentist appointment. Now I'm going to have a big, cool glass of cider. And that's going to make me very happy indeed.
  17. Just been informed by my wife that I'm going to see Extreme and Hot Leg (again) in two weeks. I can't fu>king wait.
  18. Watching me, watching you : Jethro Tull.
  19. Hot Leg in Edinburgh, and the week before that . . . . . . . Scorpions in Glasgow. I really should know better at my age. The Wife made me. Had tickets for the Stray Cats and then Slim Jim fell off the stage in Brixton two nights before Glasgow and the rest of the European tour was cancelled. The Twat.
  20. Stalingrad : Antony Beevor. Just finished today, so I'll start Ted Simon's recent account of his round the world bike ride. 78 years old now. He didi the original, and best, bikers travel book 'Jupiter's Travels' about 35 years ago. After that it'll be the third part of 'Driving Over Lemons'. Can't remember the title though. Orange Blossom appreciation society or something.
  21. Diddley Daddy : Bo Diddley. Had a wee look at my spelling up there. Not good, not good.
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