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  1. If the memory serves I'm referring to our gig frequency. All over the country, every night or every other night. Schedule was mental at the time. Still busy but nothing like it was. Feckn'ell. Three years and eight months to answer a question. That's shurely shome kind of record.
  2. Saw this at the pics earlier in the year. Now out on video. Makes the hair on your neck stand up. Incidently, it's got nowt to do with dinosaurs.
  3. Hey.

    Long time. Don't come here now.

    Thought about offering my services for the tour/next album/TV appearances.

    See what strings you can pull !


  4. Gallagher. SRV Peter Green Jimi In no particular order at the moment 'cos I just can't be arsed.
  5. A fool in love : Frankie Miller
  6. Doc about the classical (now jazz) violinist Nigel Kennedy. He lives and works in Poland now, playing locally with his jazz ensemble. Talented bloke.
  7. Turkey Leg Woman : Dr. Ross.
  8. Fats Waller - Best of. Right now . . . . . . That ol' feeling.
  9. CD - The best of Fats Waller. Realised that I didn't have any when I fancied listening to some. Rectified that fast enough with the kind assistance of Ebay and £1.49 +pp
  10. Hmmmmm inneresting. 1) At 17 - Get a year of drum tuition. It'll really pay of in the long run. And when you're in yer 40's you'll be able to play well without knocking your pan in trying to play like a teenager. 2) Get your bike license before you're 20. Don't wait until ten years later when your brain is like fluffy bunnies eating porridge. 3) See that girl you met at 17, fucked around, ignored, forgot, begged and finally married 13 years later. Sort yer shit out and marry her at 20. Save everyone 10 years duffing around with bimbo's. 4) Don't lose contact with your close friend
  11. Action Strasse : Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  12. The Little Sister : Raymond Chandler. I've read all the other Philip Marlowe mysteries, so this is the final outing, and I'm a bit gutted. Really enjoyed them all. The Lady in the Lake would be the best. TLS was spoiled just a fraction because I made the mistake of watching the James Garner/Bruce Lee version on the Dullard Box last week. It was pish.
  13. For me it's always going to be the 50's Chicago in the 50's to be precise. It's the old 'if you could go back to one period from the past' question. I'd go back to the Chess Studios from 1950. Hey . . . it's my fantasy right, maybe, having been a drummer for 20 years I could wind up playing with Muddy or the Wolf. In actuality I'd wind uo getting my twat kicked in by Little Walter & Big Crawford. C'est le vie
  14. Chatting up a woman in a gas mask is always a bit of a give away. ie. Just how the fuck do they stop themselves getting mashed in the lead up ?
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcGwjiUYPeY Walkin through the park. Obviously that'll change though when I get to the bun shop.
  16. Fucking Duffy whinning on and winning another Brit Award
  17. Big Blue


    Australian Red. I do like a good Malt Whisky though.
  18. Texas Breakfast. (Edinburgh Blues band from 20 years ago)
  19. Gogol Bordello Tarantar NY imigrant, 9 piece Gypsy Punk dance & mayhem noise merchants. Fronted by a Ukrainian bloke who sounds like the bastard son of Borat and Mucus the singing mongrel.
  20. That Cok Wan fella with his look good with no clothes on show. Well . . . . she's watching it, I'm fannying around all over the net.
  21. quote from Hotpants. Big Blues would like this thread, I'll have to email him and have him have a looksee! He's a part-time biker. What the fuck was that bastard slur. Part time biker my arse. (I know it's taken me 9 months to respond. I've been away) I've paid the dues, done the miles, eaten the flies, worn the colours. Just wait till I fucking see her.
  22. Big Blue

    Pet Peeves

    That stupid fucking 19 year old girl on my train home from work. Trying to be cool and cute and funny and assertive and bolshy with the two other University student boys she was with. And just bugging the shit out of me with her whynnie voice and incessant, ie. non stop drivel about all their friends. Couldn't the stupid twat see I was trying to read.
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