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  1. I think that the LIVE versions are superior to the the album track. I would imagine that the choice of live songs had something to do with their ability to pull off a live performance in relation to the studio recording .
  2. While I agree with several of the previous comments, I'd like to say that I think 5/24/75 is one of the best VOCAL performances of 1975 in terms of overall quality. I am really hard pressed to find a better show vocally, and in 1975, vocals were usually the weakest part of the show.
  3. You should really check out the previous night's (24th) version. I think it is a better executed performance...especially the jam at the end!
  4. I have my doubts as to Page's involvement on the new TSRTS release. The difference in the EDITING between the new cd release and the original is striking. I think TSRTS actually sounds better...HTWWW sounds a bit sterile. I think both HTWWW and the new TSRTS would benefit from a different producer.
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