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  1. I couldn't make a decision between Whole Lotta Love and Thank You! But, Whole Lotta Love is the winner, because that is the song which Robert Plant sang on stage in here and hypnotized me again and again
  2. Yeah it is unique I love both sides of Istanbul, crossing the bridge everyday, that's terrific
  3. Istanbul, Turkey. Europe and Asia, both of them
  4. I think robert plant has aged well from Led Zeppelin. And, in my opinion, i can say David Bowie he looks good to his age. (he was born in 1947)
  5. i don't think so, i guess they wouldn't rather to go on with an another guy. Led Zeppelin was a great quarter, it's..kind of magical and i think still they are...if they were decide to find someone else, the magic would disappear!
  6. Oh, of course i know you just mentioned it because i'm from Turkey, there is no problem for me and i guess we can ramble this thing
  7. Achilles Last Stand (absolutely my favourite) No Quarter The Rover Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Live) Stairway To Heaven
  8. Stairway to Heaven is one of beautiful Rock songs ever, there are a lot of good songs from other bands too, but i think Led Zeppelin has other awsome songs can compete with Stairway To Heaven; in my opinion, Achilles Last Stand, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, The Rover, Dazed And Confused...they are the songs that i first thought for this topic
  9. You're so lucky Especially it's gonna be great for your future
  10. Welcome to the forum, i guess you'll have tour back to your early teens here
  11. Well, no problem I know that movie, I'm not a racist or a nationalist and i think it's so inessential..I don't know, it wasn't agreeable
  12. Yeah i can't believe too...And, i prefer Istanbul, not Constantinople Oh, I love Ian Anderson's style, so hard to play like him And thank you for your greetings...
  13. I can use both of my hands, for a couple years, except writing. (Because i stopped writing with my left hand ) I have synaesthesia. I wish i could born again, at 50's and live my youthfulness at 70s I can't live without music, and playing flute. I love draw caricatures.
  14. Hey, this is a big fan of Led Zeppelin, from Istanbul! I'm an 18 years old flute player, and a 70s rock'n'roll lover Well...Hello Everybody!
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