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  1. fell out of the coconut tree again?
  2. shawn of the dead return of the king (lor #3) death wish movies with charles bronson...didn't need overload of guns to kick butt
  3. ooohhhh this one could have gone in the robert in leather thread....god he oozes sex appeal
  4. rock block this weekend on the radio: doors and reo speedwagon (roll with the changes, time for me to fly, ridin the storm out, golden country (old 72 political tune when they still were rocking)
  5. gee i sudden craving for a banana split...he he
  6. yes it is...excuse me i just fell off my chair
  7. love this pic...especially since he's wearing my fav color purple...of course he could wear a purplpe paper bag and make it look soooooooo good
  8. love the old aerosmith...toys in the attic..favorite tune is seasons of wither...not much of a fan of stuff after permanent vacation
  9. got clapton's crossroads, aerosmith's pandora's box and the first zeppelin's box set
  10. i concur...i'm still annoyed that bush administration has yet to do sanctions against china for all the recalls for products made...how many people and pets have sick for them to take notice...so much for free trade
  11. okay...sounds like raisinettes has some issues...talk about walking in on the tail end...(turn around...out the door) by the way...single
  12. what a great story...it's refreshing to hear how rock gods are nice to the fans unlike some guys who are downright rude i would definitely be awestruck...especially catching him changing his clothes...of course i would be thinking "now the pants"
  13. russell crowe half naked in gladiator scene in porky's where the woman is trying to describe the penis that appeared thru the peep hole and love good fellas and sean connery in untouchables
  14. but what they are placing it with...old montel shows...what's up with that?
  15. liked idiana with sean connery as his father and when he accidentally shot off parts of the plane
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