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  1. shawn of the dead return of the king (lor #3) death wish movies with charles bronson...didn't need overload of guns to kick butt
  2. ooohhhh this one could have gone in the robert in leather thread....god he oozes sex appeal
  3. gee i sudden craving for a banana split...he he
  4. yes it is...excuse me i just fell off my chair
  5. love this pic...especially since he's wearing my fav color purple...of course he could wear a purplpe paper bag and make it look soooooooo good
  6. what a great story...it's refreshing to hear how rock gods are nice to the fans unlike some guys who are downright rude i would definitely be awestruck...especially catching him changing his clothes...of course i would be thinking "now the pants"
  7. russell crowe half naked in gladiator scene in porky's where the woman is trying to describe the penis that appeared thru the peep hole and love good fellas and sean connery in untouchables
  8. liked idiana with sean connery as his father and when he accidentally shot off parts of the plane
  9. copy cat...great minds think alike?!?!?
  10. the hanson brothers in slap shot and the strip scene at the end
  11. seeing percy in his silver undies shot in the photos section...i literally fell off my chair
  12. you thought of the staypuff marshmallow man??
  13. is that a pledge pin on your jacket...may have screwed up the quote...sorry if i did
  14. 7 years of college down the drain
  15. also love holy grail behind the rabbit...it is the rabbit it's only a flesh wound..come back i'll bite ya to death
  16. i love animal house...horse classic...fat drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life son i love bill murray...stripes...boom cha la boom...that's the fact jack i see dead people
  17. ahhh...the fine line between pleasure and pain
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