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  1. seriously? i dunno what to say. this is a joke?
  2. feather in the wind, on 23 Jul 2013 - 16:26, said: ....and thanks for starting it and contributing so much - after all - if not for you there would of only been four other Rival Sons threads to post in. hafuckingha. didn't see the other 3 threads.
  3. snippet of the band here and a bit about Page.http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2013/Jul/Interview_Rival_Sons_Falling_Upward.aspx
  4. Rival Sons Ana Popovic Joe Bonamassa Monster Truck The Road Hammers
  5. i'm not waiting for anything from Jimmy. he's all talk and he's disappointing. if you're not gonna do anything Jimmy, then don't say you are!
  6. those two sigs look the same to me. the 'h' the 'j' the 'b', all look to be the same.
  7. my order has been delayed 2 weeks, from Feb. 1st. to Feb. 15th.
  8. some of you guys need a girlfriend. hitting on all these young ladies here. but maybe they like that
  9. ^ yep, i've been watching him for 30 yrs. i think he's alright, means no harm.
  10. how the heck did she leave the car without seeing this rail tie? anyway, get well soon and carry a flashlight
  11. i agree. who cares how Letterman performed the interview, who cares about those 'little things'. some peeps are so fucking anal about bullshit insignificant things. i was just happy to hear the boys talk.
  12. ^ better than nothing. i noticed a couple more moving cameras up near the band which was displayed on the large screen behind them, wonder if THAT footage is available?
  13. we have all 3 options available here in Canada to buy the movie: SD 720p 1080p in itunes program, under edit --> preferences ---> store, click "when downloading high definition videos, prefer _____". then more options will be available.
  14. my friend bought the 720p version. says there were 3 versions to choose from, SD 720p 1080p
  15. seems alot of ego and name calling is happening on this site. why is 'he' lame? and watch your spelling. makes YOU look uneducated
  16. buddy of mine bought from itunes and says his audio is good.
  17. welcome, from another Ontarioian, or however it's said.
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