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  1. here's hoping these 'other guys' don't butcher the music all to hell. i still don't agree with this whole shmozel. leave it alone, and concentrate on "black country.........whatever" and no, it doesn't mater to me that jason is john's son.
  2. hmm, i am not sure i like this idea. Jason should just leave Led Zeppelin alone and not try to revice it, and probably not as well. I'm getting a little tired of Jason milking this 'experience cover tou' because he is a Bonham? so what? that doesn't make him Led Zeppelin. my 0.02
  3. i don't know who said she compares to adam, but i don't think so at all. she can SCREAM, that's about all, she can't hit those notes nicely when she SCREAMS either. i think Krystal compares way more to adam than siobahn, or however u spell her name. but to compare sibhan's SCREAMING to adam's CONTROLLED high notes is way wrong, she's not that good either. my 0.02
  4. very pretty. nice teeth! (re: Miss Honeydripper's pic)
  5. i found this bit of information. And the days keeps on worryin' me, there's a hellhound (1) on my trail, hellhound on my trail, hellhound on my trail -Robert Johnson (1) Note 1: According to the Webster online dictionary a hellhound is a "dog of hell, named Cerberus in Greek and Roman mythology, the three-headed dog guarding the gate of Hades". It will probably stay a secret for all times what Robert exactly meant by the hellhound, but the image of the hounds of hell, coming to seize sinners, was often used in southern churches.
  6. i spun it backwards, and if i may say, i DID hear some words, although not very clear, but there IS something back there.
  7. wow! very nice. u r VERY photogenic (i'm an amateur photog )
  8. plant's symbol on my left shoulder. got it when i was 20. it's about 2 inches high.
  9. clowns and midgets scare me as well. not so much midgets (or small people, to be politically correct), but clowns still, somewhat. yta, those damn monkeys, sodomizing? lol, funny, prolly so.
  10. The Wizard of Oz (those monkeys still frighten me) The Breakfast Club (an ensemble of great actors and every person can relate to one of the characters in the movie in some way)
  11. i heard plant say it this way as well.
  12. life is a highway - tom cochrane edit: oops, same time post
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