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  1. Everything: Led Zeppelin The Beatles (quite a lot of the solo albums too) The Rolling Stones The Who Jimi Hendrix The Doors The Velvet Underground The Grateful Dead (all their vinyl output, but not all of the multitude of Dick's Picks CD's) David Bowie Roxy Music The Police A lot: Bob Dylan 1962 - 1969 and a few of the 70's albums Pink Floyd 1967-1979 Yes 1969-1980 Genesis 1971-1978 Jethro Tull 1968-1979 ELP 1971-1979 excluding Works II and Love Beach Queen 1973-1979 Aerosmith 1973-1978 Frank Zappa 1966-1984 Lots more....
  2. I just sent my responses. I hope they're useful.
  3. I can offer a little more information. Revolutionary Comics was based in San Diego and their initial series of unauthorized biographies was called Rock 'n' Roll Comics. I bought several of them off the stands, they lasted about 50 issues, and #13 was devoted to Led Zeppelin (published 1990). They later did some separate miniseries about the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. The five-issue Led Zeppelin Experience was published in 1992. Revolutionary also published Carnal Comics, which were biographies of female porn stars. Another company, Personality Comics in New York, produced unauthorized biographies as well and published a Led Zeppelin series around 1992. Each issue focused on a different member of the band: #1 Robert Plant, #2 Jimmy Page, #3 John Bonham, and #4 John Paul Jones. I don't think those were mentioned here yet.
  4. I was genuinely touched. They also gave me a big coffee mug with their group picture on it and the words "I will replace my soul with coffee so I may live forever!" (An homage to Dilbert) They know I'm a big coffee drinker. They really are a great bunch!
  5. I have to share this with the board. I teach math in high school, and today is the last day for students. Among my students is a small group who was with me for three years in a row and is graduating today. They know that I missed school to see Led Zeppelin at the O2 Arena and Paul McCartney recently at the Coachella Festival. Today they finished calculus and presented me with a couple of gifts. One of the gifts is a black customized t-shirt. Front: “I ditched school to see Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney” Back: “And I’ll do it again.” I’ll wear it tomorrow with pride at our last faculty meeting before we adjourn for the summer. My principal is retiring anyway so I don’t think she’ll assign me to after-school detention or Saturday school. I guess this might sound kind of dopey, but I think this is one of the coolest presents ever. Has anyone else received a unique LZ related gift?
  6. I (likecats) was there. Standing, dead center, about 30 feet back. I was unlucky in the lottery but immediately went on eBay before all the scalpers were shut down and bought the cheapest passcode I could find ($389). Yes, I was one of those cheaters that Harvey Goldsmith hated, other boardies hated,.....and I have absolutely no regrets. I was very determined. The code worked and I bought a floor ticket (my wife declined to go, so I only bought one and left the other in the ticket pool for someone else), which must have cost about $275 after converting from GBP's to US$. It turned out I was able to use mileage points to get a package deal on airfare and hotel for free, so the biggest expense was the concert ticket. You all know about the subsequent hassles: Mr. Goldsmith's threats to cancel passcode buyer's tickets, and the postponement of the concert, but I was able to change the air and hotel. There was a lot of frustration during the weeks leading up to the concert, but after I left work in San Diego and drove to the L.A. airport for the flight to London all the problems melted away and everything fell into place for the rest of the trip. I'm glad it occurred two years ago and not now during the financial mess, but I would still make it happen somehow if the opportunity arose again.
  7. Mine are in an album. For years I kept my ticket stubs in a few big envelopes but I finally organized them in albums. I also saved some newspaper clippings from the days after the show.
  8. For me it was an entire album, not one particular song. My brother is a couple of years older than me and he bought Zep 1 when it first came out in '69. He played it over and over and over again (and subsequent Zep albums as well), so that was my introduction to Led Zeppelin.
  9. Like most of you, I have mixed feelings as well about the induction process for the RHOF. Some of my favorites are overlooked year after year while rappers and Madonna get in. I don't think I'm going to try for a ticket because of the travel expenses but I think it will be a great time for those who go. I did visit the museum a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so if you're going to see the induction ceremony, definitely take an afternoon to go to the museum.
  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great music all these years! Thanks for the O2 show, especially!
  11. You're right, and I'm going to correct myself. Now I'm thinking they played Nobody's Fault on the Fall '88 tour as well. I wrote the set lists from shows I attended and I just have to dig them out. In 1990 they also played No Quarter, Wearing And Tearing, and Living Loving Maid. In any case, it was great to hear Robert singing Zep songs. Sorry I got so far off topic. Veering back to the thread, I'm saying that I would enjoy hearing Jimmy, Jason, John Paul, and singer-TBA playing Zep songs but I'm also looking forward to hearing new music from them.
  12. On the Spring '88 leg of the tour he sang Black Country Woman, In The Evening, Misty Mountain Hop, and Trampled Underfoot. For the Fall leg, he added Going To California, The Immigrant Song, and Communication Breakdown, if I recall correctly. In '83 and '85 he was playing at sports arenas, but in '88 when he actually sang Zep songs again, he was playing in amphitheatres, at least around the L.A. area.
  13. Thank you for the invitation! I think I met a lot of you folks at the pre-concert parties in London last December (the Swan, and I can't think of the name of the other place), but I won't be able to make it this time. It sounds like it will be a blast! I also want to thank again the folks that spearheaded the effort to combat Harvey Goldsmith's attack on all of us "bleating sheep." We were united on that, and we won! Have a great time on Dec. 10, I'll be there in spirit, and I'll be having a beer and watching the O2 show again here at home. Peter
  14. I agree completely. I attended both of them too, and I think Live-Aid was worse than the Atlantic 40th but both were exciting after wandering in a barren Zep-less desert for several years. Anyway, I doubt they'll call themselves Led Zeppelin, especially since Page & Plant didn't in '95 and '98. I had no hesitation flying to Philadelphia, New York, and London for those respective LZ reunion gigs. I plan on seeing this new group of Page, Jones, Bonham, and singer-TBA if they tour the U.S. but I don't think I'll fly around the world for it.
  15. I saw the show last night at the San Diego House of Blues. It was great! I missed out on seeing LZ in '77, but I have a bootleg of one of the LA Forum '77 shows and you guys nailed it! No Over The Hills And Far Away, though? Time constraints, perhaps? Well, it was a kick-ass show and the audience loved it. Everyone should go see this!!
  16. I was in college, came home from classes, and it was on the radio. I had been disappointed that the 1980 tour dates didn't include California, but I had already made a deposit with a ticket "broker" in hopes of getting a ticket to a Chicago show. I don't know how I would have afforded the trip, but I would have made it happen. December sucked even more; John Lennon was murdered and then a few days later LZ made it official that they were disbanding.
  17. I had a 2LP bootleg of that title about 30 years ago, and then I picked up a legitimate(?) single LP on a label called Archive International Productions. The version of "I'm Confused" doesn't sound like the Yardbirds to me either, so Jake Holmes seems likely.
  18. True, there are larger venues, but Humphrey's, where they're playing, is pretty aggressive about booking some big name acts. The ticket prices for this show are pretty high, maybe higher than other places, probably to guarantee the artists' fee because there are fewer seats.
  19. June 30 in San Diego sold out quickly. It's at a small venue though, seating 1360. I got a pair of tix.
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