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  1. It's been a 24 hour job alright, but a dream job indeed. Job of a lifetime. I'm going to have to take rain checks ... or maybe not who knows ... never can tell these days. Robert have a great time at your tour baby, a very belated Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas. Oh hey Happy Valentine's.
  2. Robert have fun at your gig tomorrow. And thanks for your contributions to cancer research. And you look so cute in elevator shoes.
  3. Lovely quote from this lovely man: I don't think so much of God in our lives. I think of people and how we treat each other. - Robert Plant
  4. love that adidas. and those legs. hey thanks, it's positively appreciated. ;-)
  5. And the most beautiful man ever!!! ;-) Robert, Happy Christmas baby @->->->---
  6. Still the most beautiful man on earth
  7. I will tend to stick to Robert Plant as quoted "over-all materialism" as they saw it at that time (paraphrased). I am not particularly keen on this interpretation but a nice picture. How I'd love to see other interpretations too. Speaking of the golden god, I know there are threads around but: Happy Birthday, Congrats on the CBE, and be safe on the road Robert baby :-) Thanks for this thread Marcel!
  8. Hope to not hurt your feelings but I'm not voting. Why only Lennon? 95% of the Beatles catalogue was authored by Lennon and Paul McCartney. Lennon post-Beatles was short-lived and sporadic. Is this poll restricted to the dead? But in answer, I don't see the parallels anyhow. Apart from the fact that both transcended generations. But no doubt their impact and influence musically and in MJ's case plus artistically, are larger than life. Also agree counting Madonna there. I can't tell her apart from Faye Dunaway these days but these 2 did not dominate the 80's for nothing. Even though MJ came first and whose breakthrough MTV no doubt inspired and paved the way for Madge. MJ put MTV for how large it became then, and Madonna followed suit. They also set the stage for spectacular stage productions than simply concerts. Bye
  9. Michael Jackson will go down in history as the greatest entertainer of all time. This is one of those clichés where you wish you said what you thought at the time. President Obama evidently has only respect and admiration for the man. Had it not been for the accusations on Jackson he would have been invited to the Inauguration in January. No black celebrity before him commanded and transcended such global hysteria. The hobo that likes to pick on Michael Jackson and Pres. Obama - the obvious incapacity for educated judgment and reason is hardly worth a reply. Michael Jackson was not a child molester. Nor was he gay. Not all soft-spoken quiet men are gay. His accusers and their cohorts know the lies they have perpetuated to get a piece of Jackson's wealth. Perpetuated by the quasi and tabloid reporters who make it a living inventing dirt. This is what they feed their children with. Not very different from the accusers. Afterall, what parent goes to the police only after a Hollywood deal fell through? Better yet what parent accepts monetary settlement if their child was violated? What parent leaves their children with a suspect molester day in day out then cry foul later? Were they pimps? These people will only go down in footnotes of Jackson's history as people who lie for money, and made a living lying. Michael Jackson did not fit the MO of a pedophile. While they were so busy raiding Neverland and marvelling at the rides and toys there, kids were still being abused around them. Wait there were no cameras where those poor kids where. History will vindicate Michael Jackson. The music lives on, long after those vultures have finished off the money they got from him and the 15 minutes they enjoyed at his expense. My thoughts to Pinky - who was in love with MJ. JA - a PYT - whose MJ-inspired moves were so much fun. Speaking of PYT, I always suspected it was written with Brooke Shields in mind. She is still the most beautiful face of Hollywood who did not have a cosmetic overhaul. And as for MJ's cosmetic overhaul, it's nothing new in Hollywood and now elsewhere. You have seen a vitiligo patient. If you are a black vitiligo patient, you might as well be white. Anyway none of those matters now. Only the music lives on. And the millions who benefitted from this man's heart of a child. Genuine kindness you only see in the likes of him and the late Princess Diana. No wonder their loss was mourned with such magnitude around the world. MICHAEL JACKSON The King of Pop Thank You for the Music. Thank You for MTV. Sleep well, the gLOVED ONE, JOB WELL DONE.
  10. under my skin ol blue eyes
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