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  1. love that adidas. and those legs. hey thanks, it's positively appreciated. ;-)
  2. And the most beautiful man ever!!! ;-) Robert, Happy Christmas baby @->->->---
  3. Still the most beautiful man on earth
  4. yes we do so...!! thanks c4!
  5. we can breathe a little easier that it's been established this flu strain is not as virulent as was initially feared. still i will not make it out to be like the stupid media does that the WHO and well themselves the media overreacted to the outbreak. i'd rather much that we overreact than find it too late.
  6. sunny side up rare or well-done
  7. dont turn around ace of base sorry i digress just havin a little bit of beatles fun here
  8. ok then lol DIZZY MISS LIZZY Beatles
  9. of course this is robert baby
  10. stole this from saj's mysteries only someone of robert's calibre can pull this off: PRICELESS!!!
  11. i do really wanna see daniel day lewis - the haunting darkness of him to give bouyancy to darcy's flair anyway, firth for now mcfaydden is an emo swine or avian?
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