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  1. You spelt Yngwie Malmsteen wrong, Megadeth wrong and Motley Crue wrong. You can't be a real fan of them, any fool knows how to spell them And yes, I'm being a bitch but two of the bands you spelt wrong are my two favourites. Otherwise, I'd say excellent taste, but you need more 50s, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin especially.
  2. She is my idol. She is stunning, but her talent is even more so. I'd give my left hand to be her!
  3. Ahh...my old favourite band I fucking LOVE KISS! They are very underrated.. Ace rules.. and I don't care what anyone says, GENE IS SEXY! I just got Rock and Roll Over on vinyl.. and one of my favourites, I Want Youis on it. I'd only known the live version, so I'm very, very happy
  4. Well, I've never been that big a Sammy fan, I can't- I'm a Roth fan.. and a proper one at that. But I think this sounds good! And you can't knock him, he IS a good singer, but he just didn't fit with Van Halen. And what has this got to do with Led Zeppelin? They aren't reforming, so how is it gonna rival them??!
  5. That question has bugger all to do with trig. No triangles, no angles... Have you tried halving marbles?
  6. ^ You have awesome taste! Well I am crazy about this man right now:
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh lord yes. Verrry nice taste. Steve Vai is a babe. Nikki.... just YUM. Kirk? I never fancied him, but Metallica fucking RULE!
  8. Lucky shit!!!! Megadeth are amazing right now You have seriously good taste if you like both those bands and are going to Gigantour... have fun!
  9. Abso-fucking-lutely! I love both those bands
  10. Yay!!!!!!! Ooooooh sounds, verrry good to me! Dave now on DVD? Heaven... Well.. almost heaven... not my favourite band anymore, haha. But still.. Dave now.. to watch whenever I want? Dayyyummm!
  11. My all time favourite film. BTW, the band aid that says 'Does anybody remember laughter?' is Sapphire..
  12. Ooer. But it'll never beat Megadeth's United Abominations!
  13. R.E.M. are even more wonderful.... I've loved them since I could first hear! U2 and SRV are good too. I'm not generally a fan of New Wave, but I like some of the stuff. I mainly stick with the metal.. mainly hair, but I'm loving a lot of the thrash nowadays!
  14. .. I think Duran Duran are rather wonderful. And no that's not sarcasm. And it ain't the beer talking either. Hungry Like The Wolf is one of my all time favourites
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