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    Bing Bang Walla Walla, Wa. USA
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    I like going to concerts, Unfortunately I've never seen my idols.<br />Camping is fun and I love to travel. I would really love to go to Europe.
  1. lusting4jimmy

    Zeppelin Movie, anyone?

    That would be just wonderful, kind of like the book thats coming out in September. The move would have to be called none other than Led Zeppelin. Maybe Val Kilmer as Jimmy, He did such a good job playing morrison of the Doors. A seriouse Jack Black as Bonzo, Heath Ledger at Robert...oops I guess not, how about....I've drawn a blank. Who to play JPJ and Robert. If only, If it was well done and Jimmy was producer it would be a block buster! Although a documentry would be much better, with live music.
  2. lusting4jimmy

    A Brief Interrogation

    [ 1. How long have you been listening to Led Zeppelin? 30 yrs since 1969 2. What would you say is your favourite album of theirs? Physical Graffiti 3. Your favourite song(s)? Ocean, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love 4. In terms of design, what would you say is their most powerful album sleeve? The one with no name 5. What colours or colour schemes would you generally associate with the band? Reds, black 6. During which period of their career would you say they were at their creative peak? 73-77 7. In general, what do you think would be the most effective means of introducing the band’s music to the younger generations? World tour 8. Who or what made you start listening to them? They were differnt than other groups, There music talks to you, Plus its good to fuck too.9. Apart from the obvious iconic image of the zeppelin, what do you think is the strongest form of imagery associated with the band? The Swan song Angel and ZoSo 10. Finally, in no more than five words, what do you love about Led Zeppelin? Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, their music & showmanship Thanks everybody, I massively appreciate this.
  3. lusting4jimmy

    Looking for information, please

    I got my copy online through Amazons retailers. Its kind of a consignment shop, Amazon lets privite sellers sell media material through them. Shipping is usually in just a couple of days. You should check it out.
  4. lusting4jimmy

    Hi from Australia

    Reggie, are you following me
  5. lusting4jimmy

    Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    That was fun to see. Thanks guys for breaking up a boring evening
  6. lusting4jimmy

    Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    Hey wait a minute, didn't someone else already post this topic? I think its called Plagiarism.
  7. lusting4jimmy

    Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    crazed and confused of course. That was Jimmys favorite.
  8. lusting4jimmy

    Putting the doctor back into Timothy Leary

    I met Timothy Leary in 1978 He did a lecture at the college here. Afterwards he hosted a privite party. I will have to say it was an experiance.
  9. lusting4jimmy

    Hi from Australia

    I've just met a great oz'y from Blacktown, is that close to you?
  10. lusting4jimmy

    Single's who love Jimmy and want Companionship

    No reason to be an ass.
  11. lusting4jimmy

    Jimmy with wings

    Thanks LadyRaven. That was my concern, I tried it once from a negitive and had the same problem. I might have to stick to a 11x15 or something of that size. I wont be happy though until I get a poster size.
  12. lusting4jimmy

    What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    I went to the web site and the explination meant crap to me. If someone could explain it in lymans terms that would be good. Am I the only one having trouble with it?
  13. lusting4jimmy

    No Quarter Magazine

    Thanks Steve that's just great.