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    Bing Bang Walla Walla, Wa. USA
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    I like going to concerts, Unfortunately I've never seen my idols.<br />Camping is fun and I love to travel. I would really love to go to Europe.
  1. That was fun to see. Thanks guys for breaking up a boring evening
  2. Hey wait a minute, didn't someone else already post this topic? I think its called Plagiarism.
  3. crazed and confused of course. That was Jimmys favorite.
  4. I went to the web site and the explination meant crap to me. If someone could explain it in lymans terms that would be good. Am I the only one having trouble with it?
  5. Pour Robert looks so tired and old, so much more than Jimmy who's older and looks damn good.
  6. Thank God i'm not the only one. I seem to fall too easily.
  7. Hello I'm Kimm from Walla Walla Wa. 51 yrs and have had an imaginary love affair with Jimmy for 37 yrs. Zep is my favorite band and listen to them 24/7. I play the flute and love to dirt bike. Also I am single.
  8. Reggie29 is my man, hands off ladies.

  9. I like what I've seen so far.

  10. Fabulous pictures! Tell me how does one fulfill their lusting desire for Jimmy?
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