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  1. One of the few who've shown no deterioration in his playing for over 40 years! His dexterity is still top notch with no signs of letting up. The elite guitarist.
  2. ^ Fripp proved that a long time before his collaboration with Andy Summers. Here's a diamond in the rough. Fripp, Michael Giles and Peter Giles who both later played with King Crimson. 1968 Eccentric as hell !
  3. post-Tom Scott and I think the compositions are better.
  4. Manny's Bones Los Lobos Live from 1996, a limited release produced by guitarist Cesar Rojas called "One Time, One Night"
  5. ^ I was meaning about asking if the link was OK. Since I wasn't able to link to the real question of your post, I asked you about your subject question. I've got to view my DVD and see about this.
  6. ^ Does that answer your question?
  7. I can't think of any composer/band from 1960 onward to put out the volume of material that Zappa did in his career. Not only volume but variety. And I'm not talking about the many bootlegs of similar material repeated, even though they were always different arrangements, but the sheer variety of studio music. The Rolling Stones have been around for even longer, but their variety doesn't even nearly match that of Zappa.
  8. Groon was originally paired with Cat Food on a 45rpm Here's a 45 from 1975-76 released at the time of the compilation, A Young Person's Guide. Ebay is a great place to browse for rare music you might not find elsewhere. Research it. http://cgi.ebay.com/KING-CRIMSON---21st-Ce...803250822a23765 I was never a 45rpm collector and here are a few more, from mostly the 80s era. http://search.ebay.com/king-crimson-45_W0Q...ksid=p1638.m120 Also this link lists some more 45's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Crimson#External_links
  9. Or this 8-track cover A first pressing showing the entire front page of the "newspaper", and that naughty girl! and one more.
  10. About 2 months before RED was released (Sept '74), Fripp stated that King Crimson had "ceased to exist" and was "completely over for ever and ever". A-Ha, not so. In seven years KC was renewed and the first song on the new album was Elephant Talk. Apparently Fripp had made ventures to Africa and learned a new language. Indeed, the new band was a complete transformation of style. DISCIPLINE After you've gotten Islands, Lark's Tongues and Starless and Bible Black....the above mentioned should start your next listening phase.
  11. Great signature zosodude13! You're a bonifide Crimhead now. In the Wake of Poseidon is compared so favorably to the 1st album, but I believe I like it even better. Greg Lake's voice on the title track that you picked as your favorite is just the best I've ever heard him sing. That and Epitaph off the first album.
  12. 2002's It only took him 10 years after Us to release this and now it's been 6 years since Up. I wonder when he'll get around to another full cd.
  13. The Dirtbombs are a rock n' roll band based in metro Detroit, Michigan, notable for blending diverse influences such as garage rock, punk rock and soul while featuring a dual bass guitar, dual drum and guitar lineup.
  14. It must've been a PM. During the song, 'Starless', I think the last song before the encore, provided an intense sensory moment for the band and they repsonded in kind. "This was the first gig since the 1969 Crimson where the bottom of my spine registered "out of this world" to the same degree. The 1969 outfit began at the top and then disappeared. This team took two years to get to the same point of being-out-there-ness. As the sun went down and we moved into the ominous bass riff emerging from the "Starless" vocal, red stage lights faded up from behind the band. For me, a stunning theatrical moment highlighting the tension within the piece and the group: a moment of resonance". - Robert Fripp So if indeed your husband was at this, he was a lucky fellow indeed. Here's another link to the many releases of King Crimson. http://www.elephant-talk.com/discog/fripp/indexk.html
  15. Great to see King Crimson fans here like you and zosodude13. Let me know what you think about all the available music at that DGM site. It's really unique and amazing!
  16. Besides their "regular" studio albums of 1969-1974, 1981-1984, 1994-95, 2000 and 2003 you have a mulititude of releases through Robert Fripps's DGM website. The current amount available for download [flac $12.95, mp3 (192kbps) $9.95] is 85 various live and outtake/rehearsal and Projeckt offerings spanning their entire 1969-2000+ career. So eat your heart out.....this link will take you to page 1 of the listings, it's extensive ! Artwork included. http://www.dgmlive.com/archive.htm?&name=crimson
  17. Thank you, glad you found it interesting. Maybe this is the show your husband attended. From July 1, 1974 Nick C., that's an excellent cd you posted about, and certainly zosodude13 ought to get that eventually, but to jump right to their latest studio release would bypass that whole period from 1972 till 2003! Then again, he could get that and backtrack.
  18. It's not necessary to. But as with any band, it's a good idea. You've already recognized that In the Court and Poseidon are similar to an extent...then the HUGE difference with Lizard. Islands is subtle, mellow at first but with a nasty element in "Ladies of the Road", you'll like that one I'm sure. It may be good to go ahead and get Islands before the shift to the Lark's Tongues, Starless, and Red era of King Crimson. From there you can get some live shows of Islands era KC or the Lark/Starless/Red era, before moving on to their early 1980's incarnation. Then of course the 1990's double trio, and then the Y2K era Crimson. It's a heady progression and will fill your head with an expansive musical appreciation that's for sure!
  19. I listened to this entire show the other night after seeing posts raving about it and just wasn't that impressed. Sounded like there were at least 3 guitars going on, very jumbly to me. Dylan was singing powerfully for him, but it just didn't move me. I MUCH prefer his earlier music and "The Band" as his accompanyists. This Rolling Thunder sound was second rate IMO. I'm listening to
  20. Lizard and Islands are unique in the King Crimson fold in that they were what I'd call "floaters". In the Court and Poseidon had similar lineups and sound within that canon. Lark's Tongues, Starless and Red were also similar, somewhat, as they had a basic core personel cohesiveness. Lizard seemed more a a Robert Fripp solo album to me having a few different vocalists, Jon Anderson of Yes included, and this band never toured. Gordon Haskell on bass and vocals, Andy McCollugh on drums, Keith Tippit on keyboards, Mel Collins on sax. There were also other added horn players. The album was definately more progressive jazzy than rocky. The album cover's artwork reflected the names of the songs if you look closely, especially the little drawings. The Beatles are drawn in a scene, as depicted by the song "Happy Family", and even Yoko is there looking like a genie coming out of a vase. On the upper right of this photo montage, you can see the Beatles and Yoko. Sorry about the resolution, squint hard. Islands was a whole new batch of musicians including Boz Burrel on bass and vocals (later went on to Bad Co.), Ian Wallace on drums, and returning from Lizard, Mel Collins and Keith Tippit. Another more jazzy album, not so crunchy, and some orchestrations too of strings and reeds. This band's core toured quite extensively from late 1971 thru mid 1972 and put out many releases through the King Crimson Collector's Club series. After this incarnation broke up, Fripp assembled his heaviest combo in Wetton, Bruford, Cross and Muir as bonzomaniac posted. This was a forceful unit blasting away in concert (from late 1972 through summer of 1974), HEAVY riffs and the improvisation of jazz in their intense rock. Many of these live shows are also released through the Collector's Club "bootleg" releases and legitimate offerings. A HUGE change from the previous Islands touring band.
  21. Just look at the responses Motley Crue get compared to King Crimson. What a travesty!
  22. You're part of a rare breed. You mention Lizard. I found that the most difficult to get into throughout my King Crimson listening experience. However, I find it incredibly dense and fulfilling. A masterpiece. Even within the progressive rock genre, they stand head and shoulders among their peers. I laugh when I see what some people consider progressive rock. They need to listen to this band to see what it's all about. Especially Larks Tongues in Aspic, Startless and Bible Black and the live 3 disc set from 2000, Heavy Construction.
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