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  1. Sorry, Sam, I'm still not convinced. The outside marquee photo may have been from the April 15, 1977 concert. The ticket stub says "Missouri Arena", when it was called the St. Louis Arena. I do believe they did not play at the Arena until the '75 tour.
  2. I thought so. You were there?
  3. Was anybody at the May 11, 1973 Led Zeppelin concert in St. Louis? The Timeline page says it was at the "Missouri Arean", but I remember the radio ad mentioning Kiel Auditorium. Come on, my fellow St. Louis Zep Heads, help me out here please!
  4. Michael Corleone shooting McCluskey and Sollozzo at the Louis restaurant.
  5. Touche! Now could someone please tell me if Bonzo really kicked that guy in the balls?
  6. I agree. This guy doesn't sound like a true Led Zeppelin fan to me. He's just someone with an axe to grind, for whatever reason...
  7. Did Bonham really kick Graham's guy in the balls?
  8. Didn't it start with Grant's son getting slapped upside the head by one of Graham's employees?
  9. Thank you for supplying the missing lines! If you're ever in St. Louis, I'll buy you a beer at a karaoke bar. I'll sign up to sing Carouselambra and bore the hell out of everybody for ten minutes. It'll be fun!
  10. Or maybe not. According to Wikipedia's Jimmy Page entry: "Jimmy Page is reputed to own in excess of 1500 different guitars. Page revealed this rough estimate to BBC Radio 2 presenter Stuart Maconie in June 2005." If this is true I stand corrected, but Nielsen still probably has more.
  11. Maybe you're confusing him with Rick Nielsen. He's the one with thousands of guitars.
  12. Nice work, indeed. Especially tahoezep for his recollection, and SteveAJones for getting the confirmation. And thank you, Sam for the new entry in the timeline.
  13. Thanks, E.L., for posting the link to the Las Vegas Weekly.
  14. Hey, Steve, I think this is evolving into a "Zeppelin Mystery"!
  15. Commercial Center (or what's left of it, anyway) is located just south of E. Sahara Ave., about a block west of Maryland Pkwy.
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