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  1. Sorry, Sam, I'm still not convinced. The outside marquee photo may have been from the April 15, 1977 concert. The ticket stub says "Missouri Arena", when it was called the St. Louis Arena. I do believe they did not play at the Arena until the '75 tour.
  2. I thought so. You were there?
  3. Was anybody at the May 11, 1973 Led Zeppelin concert in St. Louis? The Timeline page says it was at the "Missouri Arean", but I remember the radio ad mentioning Kiel Auditorium. Come on, my fellow St. Louis Zep Heads, help me out here please!
  4. Thanks, JRomero. My apologies, Solar, if this was covered somewhere before. I couldn't find it...
  5. Well, it's true he wasn't that great of a president, but I heard he used to listen to Led Zeppelin for inspiration, so he can't be all bad...
  6. VH1 Classic aired TSRTS last night, and it got me wondering about where exactly those backstage and other non-performance bits were shot. The end credits say they were not filmed at MSG. I think the part where they're getting off the plane happens in Pittsburgh. I wonder if the backstage bits with Peter Grant chastising the vendors, and the cops dealing with unruly fans, etc. were filmed it Pittsburgh also?
  7. John Bonham and Jimmy Page, respectively.
  8. Can't think of one right now. Maybe somebody else has one?
  9. The answer is Robert Plant.
  10. When told that members of The Who referred to Led Zeppelin as their "bread and butter", he replied, "They've got bread and butter anyway!"
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