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  1. Cruise ship Favorite Stooge
  2. What a crock of shit. Maybe you can find a clue.
  3. Not really funny but this video has some great sound effects.
  4. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    When some one calls on the phone and says "who is this?" Dont you know? You dialed the number.
  5. Born To Be Alive-Patrick Hernandez
  6. Beans Beans! Good for the heart The more you eat The more you fart The more you fart The better you feel Eat pork and beans For every meal I can`t believe I resorted to potty humor.
  7. Must Be Love-The James Gang
  8. Why don`t two wrongs make a right when three lefts do?
  9. Yes the board is getting boring...but then again rotten wood is easily bored.
  10. Not exactly a harmony but maybe a cheer and for St. Patty`s Day. Tubthumping Chumbawumba I get knocked down But I get up again You`re never gonna keep me down
  11. L 7


    FUBAR Is my standard of living. Everything is going up in price except my salary. Gasoline, taxes, food. Its out of control. I had to sell the Yosemite Sam mudflaps that WERE on my F-150 pick-up. My kid won`t get braces and will have to endure the taunts of "BUCK TEETH". My dog can forget Alpo and have to eat that 100 pound bag of cheap dog food I bought at Walmart. You should have the look on the poor little guy`s face I walked with that! I wonder how long it will take him to eat all. Hell I might be sharing it with him. Speaking of Walmart, I have been reduced to shopping there. I wa
  12. Wasn`t Manson`s death sentence commuted by The Supreme Court in 1972 and not California?
  13. L 7


    Hey Stargazer-man, you guys kicked the crap out of the Russkies in WWII. Keep up the tradition.
  14. L 7


    Thank you.
  15. On Broadway-George Benson
  16. L 7


    I new here and love Led Zeppelin
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