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  1. You know TFLZ if you were a negative quadratic equation, your small-ativity would approach negative infinity. The slope of your tangent line would as slanted as the slope of your forehead. If your were a sub-atomic particle, you would be a weak boson. Even a neutrino has more mass than your pathetic cry for the attention your mommie didn`t give you. Give it up ok? It was funny the first 100 times. Now its annoying. Gimme a a 40-round clip from Tony Montana if it makes you feel better.
  2. I prefer Martha White cornmeal. Yellow or white doesn`t matter. Have you ever tried cornbread with pork cracklings? To die for. In fact just last week I had some of the best cornbread I even had. Got my fill. Yummy.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4eGN9-_Jjw This my favorite duet with Robert Palmer. This is my favorite Vinegar Joe. Elkie can paint my toe nails red any day.
  4. I am partial to Elkie Brooks of Vinegar Joe and the late great Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue. Janis Joplin is an aquired taste and I guess I need to aquire some taste.
  5. You look like a young Mary Hartman if you get my drift.
  6. L 7

    Beautiful Women

    Too funny. If spats were royalty he would be the Crown Prince of Asscrackistan. If spats were a dinosaur he would be an Asscrackadactyl.
  7. With his 10 inch rod
  8. Yes but now how about a sonnet. 14 lines. Iambic pentameter
  9. Hot and steamy as a Jackie Collins novel on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.
  10. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    Then you should shop at the one here. I would like to have the option of NOT shoopping there, but I don`t. Its the attitude of Wal-Mart employees thats irks me. They don`t care, they are going to get paid anyway.
  11. L 7

    Pet Peeves

    Wal-Mart. I hate everything Wal-Mart. I am reduced to shopping there for food because they shut everything else down in the small town I live in. From the fact that the parking lot is so full of shopping carts (none in the store) that the butt crack that parks so close to me that I need a can opener to get in my car. Take the bus and a hike. The cashier who goes on break when I am ready to check out. People who can`t count 75 items in the 20 or less lane. The door nazi who insists on having a gander at my receipt thats buried in one of the cheap plastic bags that breaks open
  12. Thanks ms zepp 94 and hots on In reality I usually look for my glasses, a cigarette and a lighter. I decided not to share the details of my daily bodily functions but to all those who did, I marvel at your regularity.
  13. Thanks for the tip and keep the change! I had forgotten about Power Sation. They did the T-Rex cover of Bang A Gong. Wasn`t Andy Taylor of Duran Duran in this group?
  14. I saw Heart in the late 70s with Louisisana`s LeRoux. I will never forget this show because I found a wad of cash on the floor under a seat. When I got outside it was over $50 and paid for my trip and tickets.
  15. Yes and who can forget the Palmer girls from the video. Greatest video of all time next to Peter Gabriel`s Sledghammer. Don`t forget about Simply Irresistible either.
  16. I believe Doctor Doctor from 1979-ish was his first American hit. Didn`t Elkie Brooks have a minor hit in the UK about 1967? And what ever happened to Pete Gage, a great guitarist in his own right. I have to admit I don`t own any Robert Palmer cds but am looking to buy Six-Star general by Vinegar Joe.
  17. Gee whiz spaz, I never took a crap but I left a few before.
  18. Thanks ledded1, wish I could say that. I am just reduce to youtubes clips of Vinegar Joe. They were much more famous in the UK and never caught on here like Robert Palmer did. I see Elkie Brooks is still touring.
  19. Wake up, get out of bed Drag a comb across my head Find my way downstairs and drink a cup And looking up, I notice I `m late Find my coat and grab my hat Make the bus in seconds flat Find my way upstairs and have a smoke Somebody speaks and I go into a dream
  20. I just love love this group and it seems Elkie Brooks was the perfect foil for the late-great Robert Palmer. Elkie Brooks-often touted as the U.K. Janis Joplin can hit the high notes only a dog can hear. I was just checking for any other opinions as this is one of my favorite bands than was "Almost Famous". Proud To be A Honky Woman is a great song.
  21. Maybe we are all idiots and the Palin-Letterman war of words is just a ploy to boost sagging ratings.
  22. I just love those "traditional" nude photos. Nothing "conservative" or "left" to the imagination. I suspose her "values" are porn and as the saying goes, we all know it when we see it. Perhaps Playboy will call and she can "cash" in. Too bad Larry Flint and Hustler won`t call. Miss Un-employed-California`s "value" is probably not so much as she is already all over the internet with her pants down. Maybe she can get a real job and annoy a liberal at the El Segundo Hooters serving up chicken wings. I heard the tips are good. Here`s a tip and keep the change. Palin-Prejean in 2012. To b
  23. Carrie Prejean was " stripped" of her title. Pun Intended Seems this `ho didn`t even get her full 15 minutes. How do you come off dissing gay marriage when you have naughty photos all over the internet. Poetic justice.
  24. I as well hope the death of David Carradine is resolved and my deepest sympathy to his extended family and friends.
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