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    That sounded like an atomic bomb

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  1. BAAM

    pheromones take me home!

  2. Bad iPhone quality! But it's me! Don't know if anyone I used to know is still on here! But heeeyyy yall!
  3. Haha! Thanks :)!! Am not too sure why I looked at your profile long ago.. hm.. may have thought you were an old friend of mine.. or saw you on someone else's friends list?

    but Hello !!

  4. To be honest I have no clue who you are or whatsoever, but saw that you looked on my profile. Just wanted to tell you that you look great on your profile picture!

    Greetings from Holland.

  5. Pshh I bet you've missed me haha kidding, well I've been on facebook forever and lately I'ven been talkin' to Angi =P I've been enjoying life !! thanks to both of you !
  6. ^ its me ! ^ prom sorry when i said few i meant a million =]
  7. ^^ you happen to be a very beautiful person =P ^^ Hello everyone !! I haven't posted pictures in well what?... TWO YEARS !!! So i thought it was time to post a few... haven't changed much I suppose but here I am ! ^ last day of high school
  8. Thats cool! And I'm not a big fan, I liked them when I was younger but he definitely is a looker them Hanson boys!
  9. No. Ever had soap put in your mouth as punishment?
  10. Yes HYE kissed someone in the rain?
  11. Haha I love that Satan is on the Gum Alert list.
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