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    Music, reading, writing, poetry, nature, the countryside, colours. Loads of things.
  1. My major problem with Guitar Hero is that it takes quite a lot of practice and dedication to get any degree of accuracy. Hours and hours, even. If one is willing to dedicate that kind of time to "learning music" via a video game....why not just learn to play the real guitar? It's vastly more rewarding.
  2. Guh, I can't imagine a snow storm every week. We had like ~1 foot of snow over a few days and everything went maaaaad. But then again, I suppose the mayor of your city has invested in snow ploughs...
  3. Never got a chance to hit anybody, the snow's all melted... bad luck!
  4. The next one's got your name on it!
  5. I think the snow is lovely, but that's probably because I don't have far to go everyday. It's awful for most people though, what with the trains being stopped and all. Still, though, I had the first real snowball fight of my life this week!
  6. When my sister was very small, maybe 4 or 5, she's say she wanted to move to America. When I asked her whereabouts in America, she'd always say "Detroit!" I dunno how she got that idea into her head... Now she's 14 and she says "San Francisco!" Hello from London!
  7. Might've been a live version of Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, etc., those are quite long and amazing. Also, a lot of the stuff they did live doesn't necessarily sound anything like the studio version.
  8. I'm not in any way saying anything negative against the Catholic church, or any religion at all. I have nothing but respect for all faiths and those who practice them. But with regards to suppression of women's rights... I think the blanket ban on birth control/ abortion could be looked on as such.
  9. Diana-loura , it's so beautiful. His hair...his perfect, perfect hair... Wow.
  10. Why in the name of Christ does she ever get onstage? I sound better when I'm pissed off my face and think it's a great idea to try to sing Pavarotti. And I can't sing a note at the best of times.
  11. I saw Carl Barat on the tube once a long time ago and he looked sooo much like Jimmy from his Yardbirds days. http://www.basingstoke.me.uk/lgbarat.php
  12. It was never going to be the same even after John Bonham died, so obviously it's not the same without Robert Plant. That said, I will be at any event involving any of the members of Led Zeppelin in a heartbeat. Bring it on!
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